Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Lust For Leather...

After leaving my much loved Topshop leather jacket on the train a couple of weeks ago, I've been scouring the shops for something that I might be even half as fond of - and it has been pretty damn difficult. A leather jacket is just such a versatile piece to have in your wardrobe, as far as I'm concerned there is nothing that it will not match!

This was my little beauty. RIP. :( I love all the zip detailing and especially the fleece collar, just adds a little bit extra to a plain leather jacket. I like having a mixture of textures, if not colours in my clothing. I hate being plain and simple, so this jacket was a perfect for me and so so flattering. Made me look like a right skinny minny - always good I'm sure you girls will agree! However this was in stock at Topshop a long time ago, and is still reaching £80+ on eBay, definitely not within my price range.

Despite being in nearly ever shop that you come across, it's actually surprisingly difficult to find a leather jacket that does not look cheap, or made of that awful shiny leather like material. Not a fan! My go to shop for anything has fast become Miss Selfridge, I'm pretty sure that everyone could find something they like in there. Money no object, 90% of my wardrobe would be from there, I absolutely love it. And surprise surprise that was exactly where I found my soon to be new wardrobe statement.

This stunner comes in both black and cream, (both of which I aim to own) at £52 - not too shabby. Like the Topshop jacket it has all the zip detailing, which appealed to me from the outset, and the quilted shoulders make it a little more interesting. I like the diagonal zip - very flattering, and the collar just looks beaut. I love it. Love it, love it, love it.

Though if I'm honest, I'm definitely more of a fan of the cream one. I just think that the gold and cream go beautifully together and it will look stunning with my lavender skinny jeans (also from Miss Selfridge!) Saying this, the black will definitely be purchased first, as like I said it just goes with anything and everything. I didn't realise just how much I wore my jacket until I didn't have it anymore, totally lost without it!

It's not just leather jackets I'm lusting over at the moment though. I love these PU leather panel leggings. I've wanted some for ages but the Topshop ones sold out before I got anywhere near them. Internet browsing though I came across a new, slightly different pair.

At only £28 I am very tempted to have a cheeky little purchase. I think that they would look brilliant dressed down in the day with a slouchy t shirt or rock tee, or out for a few drinks with a nice blouse. I've seen a snakeskin one which would be perfect! I love the PU panel shorts that are going about at the moment too, but I just think they only look 'non-slutty' if thats an acceptable term, when they're worn with tights. There's not really a casual option either, sexy or nothing, there's no in between. These leggings are definitely a must have!

If anyone has seen any leather jackets or items that they love at the moment, let me know! I'm always looking out for a beaut new item to stuff into my already bulging wardrobe!

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