Friday, 6 April 2012

The 90's Revival of the Rucksack...

A girl can never have to many bags, that's something which is world renown as a categorical fact of life! Shoulder bags, clutch bags, shopper bags, satchel bags - I could go on forever, there are numerous possiblities. However the new up and coming beauty in my eyes is the rucksack.

Bringing back memories of childhood outings to the beach and for a long car journey packed with books and casette tapes - the rucksack is sure to find a nice cosy spot right upon your back just like old times.

Reminiscent of the 90's I am loving this trend right now. Teamed up with a pair of high waisted denims and some high top converse we are looking uber cool. And I'm sure there's no end to the possiblities of pulling off this beaut new look.

And boy is there a brilliant selection available right now. From simple and understated, to aztec prints and bold patterns there is a wide range ensuring you will most definitely find something to suit your tastebuds. But just to show a few, above are my 7 favourites in store right now.

Topshop is the first place and go to for the best handbags, so it's no surprise that I was spoilt for choice when I looked in their 'Backpack' selection. The striped pattern is bang on trend right now, matching Topshop's huge choice of striped shorts, this cute little number will be perfect for a day out. Big enough to get all your necessities in, but not overwhelming. Beaut.

Now although the link takes you through to the red version (which is all that is available online), the black version is still available right now in store. I bagged myself one of these bad boys online on Tuesday so keep an eye out! I love the studded detailing, and the simple design make it easy to throw together with anything! 

Spot on with the much sought after aztec print of this season, this bag is an absolute steal at under £20! The small buckle pockets on the front are brilliant for easy access to small items such as phones and keys which otherwise get lost in bigger bags such as this. Although with bolder colours, they are not too brash and so will have no problem matching with most outfit choices.

These two are my absolute, all time favourite of all rucksacks available to womankind! They are just so God damn beautiful. I tried to get my hands on a hugely similar bag last season from Accessorize but they sold out as soon as they arrived. So I haven't left it to chance this time and got the Dani Ditsy all ordered and on it's way to me. Perfect for a trip to the seaside, a day shopping in town, or just a trip out the house - anywhere and everywhere. I absolutely love it.

The second cheapest of the lot this bag is a right bargain - especially for a RI bag which usually comes in at about £37! In a beautiful denim cotton this bag is nice and subtle but the white aztec print at the bottom adds a little something extra to the otherwise simplistic bag. 

And last but certainly not least, this beautiful ecru and tan rucksack. Again with front pockets it allows for easily access for much needed items and the simple colour scheme allows it to be teamed up with every single outfit combination possible. I bloody love it, perfect size for what I'd need and like all RI bags, it's made beautifully. Shame it's such a light colour, me and white do not go well together.

So there we go, take your pick - I'm sure you won't find it difficult. Despite wanting all 7 of these and with a bank balance that most definitely does not allow for that - if anyone knows of any more beauts lurking about let me know. Like I said, a girl can never have too many bags.


  1. I just bought (well persuaded Poppa Mullarky to buy for me) an awesome pinstripe one from Accessorize. Little bit too in love with it. Even if I'm only carrying baccy and my phone, I'll wear it. I'm a loser...

  2. Haha they're just so cool though! I love them.