Monday, 8 April 2013

Matte Nails...

I love nail art. I love seeing all the fun and interesting designs that people can come up with, and there are so so many that I want to try out. Unfortunately I have not been blessed with beautiful long, strong nails - instead I have tiny nails which snap when they get to any form of length, and just generally look pretty crap. I guess I should have listened to my Mum when I was little and stopped biting my nails. 

Due to said crappy nails, I go to Crystal Tips in Kettering to get them done on a monthly basis. I've had gems, coloured tips, egg shell print, bright colours, and this time I decided to try  the matte look that people seem to be loving at the moment. I opted for black because it is simple, elegant, and doesn't clash with anything.

As I was watching Tara do my nails I realised just how easy it would be to achieve this look at home. The nails tend to grow out a little bit after a couple of weeks so I try to repaint them if I can, and this time will be a piece of cake. It's as simple as applying two coats of polish, any colour you wish, and then put a matte polish on top. Tara used Bourjois' So Perfect Mattifying Top Coat (buy here) and you could see it wearing away the gloss to a lovely matte finish almost instantly. The only downside is that it takes a good 10/15 minutes to dry, but it's well worth it. Try it for yourself, it's so so simple.

Have any of you tried this already, or got any fun new nail art to suggest?


  1. i love matte nails!

    1. I've never had them before, but now I've had these done I want to try out more colours!