Friday, 25 January 2013

Christening Dress Options...

ASOS never used to be my go to for all my fashion must haves, if I'm honest it wasn't really until this year that I have actually started shopping there - and now I cannot get enough of it! Ever since my gorgeous Mongolian faux fur coat that I nabbed in the sale, I have just found item after item after item that I have convinced myself I needed to have in my life. There are just a ridiculous amount of options on offer, bang on trend and at prices suitable no matter what your budget. 

Therefore, now that the task has come about to find a dress for my little sister's Christening next month, there was no other place than to begin my search than the lovely ASOS. I knew I wanted a midi dress as I didn't want to feel uncomfortable in church if I was wearing something above the knee, and man was I spoilt for choice, though these four really stood out for me...

This jewel print dress just screamed out at me straight away. I love the bold print, and the mix of eclectic colours, it is right up my street. I like to go for something a little different, not what everyone else is going to be wearing and this definitely ticks that box. I love the just below knee length, I think it will be extremely flattering as it can be difficult to get away with a midi without cutting off the length of your legs, but this is perfect for me. I want this dress so much, and though I think it may be just a tad too bold for a Christening, I MUST have this for my next night out. It's just too beautiful to leave on the ASOS website.

Good Lord this dress is just stunning. We all know I'm a fan of cut out and backless dresses so it's no surprise that this dress is in my options list. The colour is just beautiful as well. I'm lovely greens and blues at the moment, as the contrast with my plum hair looks pretty ace in my opinion. I like that although it is quite demure with the below knee length and the long sleeves, it still gives that sex appeal with the exposed back. This is definitely in my top two, a hot contender for sure. 

I really wanted to stay away from black and white, as I feel a Spring Christening should have a little bit of colour but it's surprising how little colour is on offer at the moment. Saying this I really do adore this dress. The hourglass patterning is very flattering and I already have a sleeveless bodycon in this pattern and it really does add the look of curves to my slim stature which is always good! The added stripe design shakes it all up a bit and just makes it that little more quirky. It would be very easy to add in a colour with this, a nice dusty blue is definitely what I'm thinking right now.

And lastly this gorgeous little flower dress. I don't tend to go for floral patterns, I'm much more of a bold print, or plain coloured dress, but for some reason this just caught my eye. I love the mix of colours, and I just think that it is perfect for the spring time without being the typical pastel colour floral print. Teamed up with a bit of red lippy and some plain shoes I think this could be a really nice subtle look.

Which would you go for in my situation? Or do you have a completely different look that you think could work? Let me know...


  1. One of the middle two, the colours are more subtle so more appropriate for a christening. They're all lovely though xx

  2. They are all such lovely dresses! I think they would all be appropriate for a christening as I think the patterned ones would look lovely for spring! such a hard choice!
    Jess x x

  3. I love the last dress, it's so gorgeous and perfect for spring time :)
    They're all lovely though! Tricky...

    I've nominated you for the Liebster award,
    go to my blog and check out what it's all about!

    Rae xx

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