Monday, 2 April 2012

Introducing My New Find: Wired Jewellery...

Now I'm not a huge jewellery lover - don't get me wrong I love the odd oversized ring (or two) but other than that, that is about as far as it goes. I've had my ears pierced for God knows how long and I cannot remember the last time I wore earrings, same with my belly button - I just forget that those piercings exist. Saying this however it is amazing how easily jewellery can transform an outfit. How one statement necklace completely changes the whole look of your ensemble. 

And before I begin to ramble off on a completely unrelated ramble, the whole point of this post is to notify you all of the cutest little website that my attention has been drawn to today - Wired jewellery. I absolutely love it, pretty sure I want their entire ring collection. Although that's not the main thing that I have become attracted to...

How freakin cute are these collar tips, I've never even thought of such a thing yet here I am contemplating ordering both the gold and silver versions! These beautiful intricately patterned collar tips will jazz up the most plain of pointed collars giving your outfit a whole different vibe - just think how much more exciting your little white shirt will look with these bad boys. Goodbye boring day look, hello quirky evening glam.

These lovely little tips come in one size and fit most standard sized pointed collars. Simply clip on to the edges of your collar and away you go - sorted. It's such a simple way to give your outfit a little something extra, and I don't know about you but I haven't seen anything like these at such a low price anywhere else! To keep in tip top condition simply remove from your shirt collar and wipe over with a damp cloth. I literally cannot big these up enough, they're absolutely adorable!

We've all become huge fans of embroidered, patterned and embellished collars in recent months and these add to our ever expanding collar adornment collection. At only £7 you better hurry up and treat yourself to a pair as they're selling out fast!

Check out their website now girls, it's an absolute beaut!


  1. Ive seen so many people wearing these lately & ive been looking for them everywhere!
    Definatley getting a pair! love them!
    Jess x x

  2. They're so awesome aren't they. I'm praying the gold ones come back in stock soon I want them so bad!

  3. Same! Im 100% ordering a pair soon! Thanks for doing a post on them ive been looking everywhere! x x

  4. i cant belive how cheap they are and beautiful!i already want 3 of the rings!x

  5. I love the turquoise stone rings - so beautiful! Hopefully this post has got them a little more recognition and customers! Always good to discover cute boutique shops like this, especially with such bargain prices!