Friday, 11 May 2012

Festival Fringing...

One of the things I am loving most right now is fringing! Mainly on tops, teamed up with a cute pair of distressed high waisted shorts = perfect.

However, browsing online I've found soooooo many fringed items I want - mostly from Topshop! Not gonna lie, I never find it difficult to find something I like in there, but it is actually ridiculous the large amount of stuff i NEED in my wardrobe courtesy of Topshop right now.

I adore this waistcoat! I would never normally pick up a waistcoat for myself, but I think this would look ace with my leather panelled leggings and grey studded boots. My birthday is coming up so this is definitely being put on the old present list!

The bright colour of these sandals is just beaut. These are just stunning, I love them. I cannot stand boring plain flip flops, and being dressed the same as everyone else, and I definitely have'nt seen these anywhere else! At £45 they're a little steep for sandals, but you get what you pay for, and Topshop shoes are incredibly hard wearing.

I have been swooning over this top for ages. I still want it huge amounts but my spending is getting ridiculous, so close to my overdraft it's upsetting. However, I love the peach colour, it will be so easy to wear with everything and the pattern sets it apart from the otherwise plain fringed tops that I have seen. Pretty good price as well, especially with the added student discount!

Now, despite the fact that I have said this about every single item above already, I WANT THESE SOOOO MUCH!!!!! I love shorts. Like absolutely love shorts, and these are just awesome. They will look beaut on the beach with a bikini, or a bandeau at a festival, or a rock tee for a shopping trip. Actually, they will look beaut for just about any occasion. Under £40 - these are defo being purchased. (Oh hi there overdraft...)

Last but not least is this cute little bag. Fringed bags are everywhere at the moment and are totally festival chic. Generally shoulder bags and across body bags, this box bag is something a little different and will add a little extra interest to an evening dress. Like most clutch/small bags in Topshop, it is a little expensive but like I said before, you pay for quality. 

What's everyone else thinking of the fringe trend right now: festival chic or a ripped up mess?

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