Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A Revived Addiction...

Like most teenage girls you might ask, I LOVE a good bargain. No matter what it is. Clothes or shoes or food or anything on offer if I'm honest. 

I'm the girl who online stores love. An email advertising free delivery if you spend over £40 arrived in my inbox this morning. I don't actually need any clothes thank you Miss Selfridge but as you're offering me free delivery why not!? Be rude not to really. Student discount is another little gem that I adore. 10% off just because you bum about at uni. Incredible.

Back on track however, the main focus of this post is for my new little addiction as of recent. eBay. I went through this phase last year, but after a drunken night out and a £80 purchase of some fake UGG boots I decided I better hang up my bidding boots (quite literally) and stick to shopping in actual shops.

However. After ogling over Jeffrey Campbell Lita's for ages, and refusing to fork out the £120 price tag, eBay took a hit. £20 for a pretty good copy just seems like way too much of a steal. And it was all downhill from there. 

I've recently decided to go back to a nice bright shade of plum/pink hair colour, which anyone who dyes there hair will know, inevitably fades very quickly. At £29 a pop at the hairdressers, my bank balance will not allow this for long. eBay to the rescue. 6 lots of the proper wella dye and emulsion, the same as used in the salon, £28. 

Then it was every single possibly accessory that the iPhone could ever need. Cases, cloths, wallets, screen protectors. All of these have arrived after I already dropped brand new said iPhone whilst attempting to walk home pretty intoxicated. Coincidentally the same night which I completely massacred the beloved JC copies I have just been raving about. £22 a pop though they can easily be replace. 

So yeh. eBay. Addicted. That's all there is to it. 

 JC's <3
THE most awesome shoes ever. Under £20! Loveeee.

I would put a proper picture on here, yet now this case is on my phone it seems to be physically impossible to remove. So cute though. 

Happy bargain hunting girls.

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