Monday, 28 January 2013

Pick Of The Week...

For my Final Major Project at University I'm creating a wedding magazine which I am so so stoked about, and for my research I've been looking for companies to do advertising with. And in doing so this really quirky and cool lingerie company reached out to me via Twitter. Bloody love Twitter, it puts you in contact with people that you just wouldn't have any way of getting hold of whatsoever. 

So this company is called Tatu Couture. It is a directional luxury lingerie brand specialising in the integration of bodywear and body art - incorporating tattoos with underwear, so up my street! These two collections combine artistic shapes and silhouettes with the brand's signature elegant tattoo designs, providing the opportunity to don beautifully inked skin without permanency. So if you're not brave enough to adorn yourself with painful tattoos, but long for that look then this underwear is so for you!

"Unleash your inner desires with the discreet prints and delicate lace of the 'Luxury Boudoir Edition' collection and explore your rebellious side with the bolder tattoo designs of the 'Illusion' collection."

 Tatu Couture’s fashion-forward intimate apparel embodies elegant motifs such as flowing scripture, delicate floral patterns, feathers and wings printed on soft sheer panels, contrasted with solid black or ivory paneling to create a modern statement. The Spring/Summer13 collection evokes a sense of eternal romance through the nature of its motif choices. Soft curves, Chantilly lace and bustles add femininity and sophistication to this range.

The collection provides the authenticity of intricate designs without going under the needle. The designs are also on trend with tattoo-toting celebrities such as Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson, Demi Lovato, Lana Del Rey and Cheryl Cole, all of whom exhibit body art, ranging from the discreet to the bold and beautiful.

Like lingerie, body art is a sensual expression and Tatu Couture’s bodysuits, high-waisted knickers, boyshorts, suspender slip and bras allow you to indulge in your more illusive and illustrious side. Surrender to Tatu Couture this New Year and create an impact; become pretty in ink.

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