Wednesday, 20 February 2013

What's In My Bag...

I've seen a few people doing these 'What's In My Bag' posts recently, and seeing as I'm feeling a little delicate from last nights pub golf antics I feel it's the perfect quick post to pop up in between trying to drink as much tea as possible, and mentally prepare myself for going out for my friends 22nd tonight. It's not the most interesting of handbags, I just like to throw random bits and bobs in there that I may or may not need for the days proceedings. Yesterdays bag - a trip to uni...

My rather mish mash selection of belongings.

The Body Shop Mango Body Butter/Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume/Rimmel Scandaleyes/Compact Mirror/Aloe Vera Vaseline/Kate Moss Lipstick in 01/Dove Go Fresh Compressed Deodorant

Mulberry Purse/Karen Millen Glasses/Boots Hair Grips/Kleenex Tissues/Safe Haven Book/Talbot Hotel Pen/Evian Water

A few beauty items thrown in just in case. I love the body butter in case my skin is feeling a bit dry which is quite frequently after a walk to uni in this hideous cold weather. Perfume is a must - there is nothing worse than being near someone who smells a bit iffy and fearing it is you, always have perfume on hand and this particular Marc Jacobs one is my absolute favourite! I love having long voluptuous eyelashes and after a long day at uni we all know that make up needs a bit of a touch up, so I always have a mascara to hand. A compact for those touch up situations. Vaseline is always in here as I absolutely hate having dry lips and this gives them instant relief. I was after this Kate Moss lipstick for ages, the perfect red. And deodorant. I'm trying out the new compressed dove after spotting it on offer in boots. Supposedly it lasts as long as one double the size so we shall see - plus it smells scrummy!

Mulberry is the best purse and handbag brand in the world ever. I cannot wait until the day that I am earning enough to be able to afford my own handbag, but for now I shall stick to loving my purse. My glasses are always in my bag - I'm supposed to wear them for reading and computer work and driving but that rarely happens. They tend to be more of a hangover item to cover up my dark eyes, but they are bloody beautiful glasses, I do love them. I always have a selection of hair grips to hand as my hair drives me bloody crazy. If it's up in a bun theres always a bit of fly away hair, or down my fringe is always getting in my face. These are definitely necessary. 99.9% of the time I have a cold, so tissues are a must. Safe Haven is my book of choice right now - I saw the film trailer and then spotted the book in Tesco so had to get it, seven chapters in and I'm loving it. I love a good romantic story. I have a ridiculous amount of pens from work floating around my room, and car, and bag, but I suppose you always need one. And finally a bottle of water. As part of my lent I'm drinking one and a half litres a day so I have to make sure I have it on me all the time otherwise it gets to 6pm and I'm having to down it all.

So there we have it, pretty standard items I think. Though you always need something that you haven't got with you, it's inevitable. If any of you lovely readers have done a post like this then please send me your link, i love being nosy! 

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