Thursday, 7 March 2013

It's Haul Time...

So I said I'd show you all my goodies from my ridiculously huge haul before March spending ban began, so here you have it. When it's all laid out in front of me like this I realise just how much of a crazy shopaholic I had been last month. This is just ridiculous! My wardrobe is fit to bursting, my chest of drawers barely shuts - enough is enough Louise. And 7 days in, I still haven't caved. Apparently I do possess a little bit of willpower. 

These are the majority of purchases, however as they still do not have an online site (you really need to get with the times Primark) - I also picked myself up a dip dye tasseled top, a studded denim shirt, a cut out shoulder jumper, a chiffon sleeve jumper, and some studded high tops. Oh and a bra. All for only £50 though - good old Primarni really do have some bargains. But here are my lovely new items - 90% of which are still waiting to be worn, lucky me!

I had been ogling over the geo spot dress for ages! It is just above the knee, so a little longer than a mini, and a little shorter than a midi, so it fits me ideally. The print is beautiful and very futuristic, also the 3/4 length sleeve is perfect. The tweed dress literally jumped off the rail at me, I think it is such a versatile piece. Dress it up for a night out, throw on some tights and chelsea boots for uni, and stick a blazer and some midi heels on for a job interview. I've also seen people wear it with skirts over the top, jumpers over with the collar poking out - there is literally so much you can do with it, which is why I feel it was such a necessary buy. Now this one sleeve dress is everywhere, and I had to join those ranks and have it in my life. Everyone needs an LBD and I somehow did not own one until now (crazy I know!) My only issue is bra wearage - but I'm sure Debenhams shall sort me out with the perfect Wonderbra in the days to come.

Midi dresses are my weakness. I've said time and time again, and I will continue to do so until I can no longer find one that I like. Both myself an my bank balance fear that time will never come. They are just so incredibly flattering and subtly sexy - I adore them. The geo spot was purchased for my friend's upcoming 21st birthday celebrations in Birmingham. It is just that little more dressy than I would usually go, but incorporates the much loved bold print and cut out back that I so require. The blue dress, also with a cut out back is for my little sister's christening in May. I spotted it ages ago but put off buying it for a while, but could not hold off any longer as I knew my heart would break a little if it sold out before I got the chance to get my hands on it. The colour is just divine, and I'm going to team it up with a little blazer and skyscraper heels. Lastly for the dresses, again a plain black beauty. Midi - so clearly an essential addition to the aforementioned LBD. AGAIN cut out back (can you see a pattern here) - once again this will also carry with it certain bra issues but we shall solve that, and I will rock this with some bright colour popping. My fave!

And the skirts. I tend to be one more for fitted clothes and those that show off my little figure. However, recently I've been really loving these skater skirts that are flying about all across the high street. I love how they nip you in at the waist and make you look incredibly tiny, but float out over your belly and hips - perfect for bloating after too much carb inducing! I adore the colour of the speckle skirt, it's just beautiful. I tend to just throw on a black top with this and statement necklace and that's that. It's very easy to wear, and the thin material is so comfortable. I think that everyone needs a midi skirt in their life and this is mine. £8 - you cannot go wrong. I've been after the black one also for months but it is constantly out of stock. Boo. And the denim skater skirt, oh how I love thee. I always put my little studded belt around the waist and a stripy long sleeve top for these cold days. It's such a cute look - very different to my otherwise rather bold choices. 

What have you all been treating yourselves to recently? Any of the above items, or something you've been after for a while? Hope you're all having a lovely week - it's nearly Friday, which is definitely a reason to get a smile on your face. Yay weekend...

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