Thursday, 18 April 2013

Welly Weather...

Today I've been on the hunt for some wellies. I am well aware that V Fest isn't for another 4 months but I don't want to be running around at the last minute with only crappy ones left on offer because everyone else has snapped them up first. And let's be honest, looking out my window right now I could probably get away with popping to the shops in a pair of wellies - so much for the summer beginning to arrive! Gone are the days when I looked for the most patterned wellies I could find (multi coloured umbrellas were a firm favourite at school), and instead I'm on the look out for a cute quirky pair of short ones. Here's hoping the weather is nice and hot...

Chelsea boots have been a big thing over this winter, so a welly version seems just ideal. Bang on trend and will keep your feet nice and dry. Black means that they will match with everything so no worries if you have a last minute change of plan to your festival outfit. The navy joules boots are such a lovely height, just above the ankle so if you want some just a little higher than the majority on the market at the moment these are perfect. I'd definitely take out the navy ribbon and opt for another colour such as pink or purple, just to make them that little bit different. This nude gold bow pair are my favourite at the moment I think. Most short wellies have the bows attached at the front, so these are slightly different, as well as the fact that the bow is a mesh metal rather than plastic. Nude means they will be easily incorporated into any outfit which is always a good idea, especially how many outfits I feel the need to have on hand. 

These floral wellies remind me of Cath Kidston patterns which I think is why I was instantly drawn to them. I think in comparison to the others they will probably appeal to slightly younger girls as the pattern is quite bold, but they're cute and I like them. Plus again they are a little bit higher also. These studded ones are just ace! My housemate has got them, and they are so so nice. They are more cream than they appear in the image rather than a pale pink, but in my opinion that's better, and they've got studs so obviously they are great! And lastly these mega cute peachy pink wellies. I think these might be the other pair I get if I go for two. I love the colour, and I don't think a lot of people will opt for a pink as they are a bit more out there. Although they will clash a bit more with certain outfits, I think with my dungarees and denim shorts these will be brilliant. Love them!

Have you started to sort out your festival wardrobe yet? Do you prefer these short wellies or do you prefer to stick with the traditional knee high pairs?

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