Sunday, 5 May 2013

Benefit They're Real Mascara

I'm always intrigued when new mascaras get released onto the market, that it has got to the point where I have tried almost every single one in existence. I am a little bit obsessed with my eyelashes - you may have guessed by the name of my blog. My eyes are one of things about myself that I really love, and thank my Mother for greatly for giving me that bit of DNA. I currently use three different mascaras - Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless, Rimmel Scandaleyes, and Rimmel Volume Flash. A lot of Rimmel I know, but they're always on 3 for 2 so it seems like a sensible option. They all do different things, so my lashes end up looking long, thick, and separated. This is how it has to be. Though today I was introduced to a new mascara that does all 3 of these things. My lashes look exactly the same as usual but with a hell of a lot less effort. How the hell have I not discovered this before!?! I'm ashamed of myself!

I got this bad boy free in this month's issue of ELLE magazine, and I really have fallen for it. It is going to cut a good 5-7 minutes off of my morning routine, and lets face it every minute counts in the morning. Although it is £19.50, which I am wary of spending on any beauty  product other than cleansers or foundations, it costs less than the my usual 3 combined so I'm not really missing out. My lashes look long, thick, separated, and natural - perfect. Have a look for yourself...



For some extra volume for a night out, I would simply add another layer, it's as easy as that. So now I'm going to run out to boots and purchase myself the full size product. Thanks ELLE for drawing this to my attention, welcome to my beauty must haves Benefit They're Real Mascara! 

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