Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Bookworm Beginner...

When I was little I used to absolutely love reading, Jacqueline Wilson in particular, and I don't know why I ever gave up on it. I guess grumpy teenager syndrome kicked in and I decided going out and watching tv was much more appropriate. However, now I think I've rediscovered my enjoyment for reading. Since I've got my iPad I literally cannot get off the iBooks app. I've downloaded so many and during this perfect weather I've just lounged in the garden with a ice cold beverage in one hand, iBook in the other. Pretty chilled.


These are my selections thus far. The first one I had to read was the Devil Wears Prada sequel 'Revenge Wears Prada'. The film adaptation is possibly one of my favourite films, but I just couldn't see how they could develop the ending of at into another storyline. On its own it is a good book, but I don't think it really follows on smoothly enough to be a sequel, it could work pretty well as a stand alone book. Don't get me wrong, I really liked it. At times I could not put it down. But it was really more about Andy's life after runway, away from her career - and there's certainly not enough of the ice queen Miss Priestly  in it for my liking. If you like chick flicks and books about love and betrayal and cheese (which I do) then you'll get in perfectly fine with this book, it's a good read. Just in terms of Devil Wears Prada there really is no comparison, I don't think there ever could have been.

Have any of you read the book, what are your thoughts? Are there any particularly good books you're reading at the moment that you could recommend. Maybe something a bit different from the usual chick flick/romance book I've become accustomed to (she says sitting down to read One Day). I'm off to select the winner of my giveaway now, so enjoy your days whatever you may be doing, and keep your eyes peeled!

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