Saturday, 13 July 2013

Nina Ricci Beauty...

It's a beautiful morning once again, and there's nothing I hate more on a hot day than lathering on a full face of make up. It makes you even more hot, gets all oily and sweaty, and just looks crap! My skin does need a little something however so no foundation is not an option for me. Damn all you perfectly perfect skinned people. I tend to not really get blemishes (touch wood, now I've said that i shall wake up with a massive spot on my forehead tomorrow), but the pigmentation in my skin is all over be face so I just need enough coverage to even that out. I've tried BB creams, I am on the lookout for the Olay CC cream to put through it's paces, but for today I'm giving sheer foundation a go.


My lovely friend Siobhain got me these Nina Ricci goodies for my birthday and i have been really intrigued to try them. Nina Ricci beauty products aren't really something that has ever been on my radar, but they're actually pretty good. The mattifying finish cream actually feels really moisturising to the skin though keeping it looking matte, and the foundation is just brilliant. It comes out a very dark shade of brown when first squeezed onto your hand, but on application to the face it just blends into your skin colour. It has just enough coverage to even out my skin tone and cover up the blemishes without feeling heavy or needing a second application. I didn't even need to add my finishing powder after using these two which was brilliant! It got me through the entire morning and a 9 hour shift at work without any need to reapply or touch up, so I was definitely impressed! Not quite enough coverage for a night out as I like my skin to look flawless for such occasions, however for a natural daytime look this is spot on. This is definitely going straight in my holiday case!


Apologies for the very unattractive make up less shot, but I wanted to show you the coverage the foundation gives. So there you have it. Have any of you tried the Nina Ricci products, what did you think, leave me a comment and let me know! Hope you all have a lovely day in the glorious sunshine, ta ta. 


  1. WOW, I'm really impressed by this. I'm similar to you, not too many blemishes but still can't go out with a bare face as I just look a bit uneven and unhealthy - so this could definitely be a new option for me. Do you have any idea how much it retails for? Claire xx

    1. It is brilliant. You can pick it up on eBay for under a tenne, that's e best place I've found!