Sunday, 30 January 2011

Inking Up...

There’s something about tattoos that I just love. The way that you can have something of significance to your life, or something personal inked upon your body just has that ‘something special’ quality that you can’t get from a photograph.
I love my tattoo. I designed it myself, specifically making it pretty small because I knew it was going to hurt, but all the same I was turning 18 and I was going to get one no matter what. And yeh I did hurt but it was so so worth it.
My beautiful tat :) It's on the bottom of my back, to the right hand side, quite low down, so it's nicely hidden and not blaring and obvious. Ah i love it so so much, I keep forgetting I have it and then catch a glimpse of it and fall in love with it all over again!

I always said to my Mum that all I ever wanted was my ears pierced, my belly button pierced and one tattoo. But everyone always says tattoos become addictive, and they so do. I want another one so much but I was such a wimp the first time round I don’t think I could hack it all over again.  And I always said that the tattoos I would get would mean something to me.  The amor means something to me, one just for the pure fact that I know this is what I wanted for my first tattoo for a long long time, and two I was massively in love when I had it done, sadly no more but it is a very personal tattoo for me.

So for my second one, I want to go for the sentimentality again. I tend to live my life by the saying ‘Everything happens for a reason’, so I think this would be ideal for me. However in the english language it does sound a tad boring and unoriginal, so to match my amor I’m thinking of latin which is ‘Omnia Causa Fiunt’. And I would get it on the back of my neck, so once again it would be slightly hidden, but boy am I scared. If my friend Ellie (the biggest tattoo addict I’ve had the pleasure of knowing) gets her way I shall be having it this week, but we shall see...

Here’s my dilemma though. I’ve seen another one which I’ve fallen slightly in love with. It doesn’t have the same personal value, but how god damn cute is it! I suppose if I was looking for a meaning within it, swallow is symbolic of independence and strength which I definitely have had to be over the past couple of years. But it’s just cute and I love it, and on my hip it would look so adorable. Ahh what do I do? I’m not an addict...honest!

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