Friday, 28 January 2011

Jumping on the Bandwagon...

So this is my first ever blog. Not entirely sure what I am supposed to write if I’m honest. Most people seem to pick a particular area of interest and focus on that. It’s just, I’m not sure I have just one area of interest.  I mean as a fashion student maybe I should be writing about all the new trends to be hitting the catwalks, what looks hot, and what you shouldn’t be seen dead in. But then as a journalism student maybe I should be writing about issues that are happening around the world. Although, I do like a good old moan about men and money and bad hair days and train journeys (not a fan!) and general annoying situations occurring in my life, so maybe they would be pretty good, I’m never short of something to have a little rant about. I’m also loving my move from a small town to a big city, joining uni, meeting loads of new people, going out, partying and having a pretty amazing time, so I’d have plenty to say on that front too. To be honest I think a combination of all of those things would suit my blog pretty well. It would represent my personality a little bit, in the sense that I’m never doing just one thing. My mind is constantly in overdrive thinking about the next thing I’m going do or over thinking a situation that in retrospect, really doesn’t need to be thought about at all. I’m sitting here writing this thinking will anyone actually be reading it? I mean I don’t find my life that interesting that it requires being noted as such, I’m no Katie Price with action going on round every corner, so maybe other people will not be interested in the slightest. Maybe people haven’t even got to this point in my little chat to even realise that I’m not a vaguely interesting person to read about. This could just be a bit of an online diary for me to have a little rant every once in a while, blended in with a bit of what I’m loving in the world of fashion right now, combined with a few opinions of what’s going on in the news (not that it will be politics as I’ll accept the ‘fashion student’ stereotype of being a bit dim when it comes to that particular subject), all mixed together with how much I’m loving my uni life. So, after going on for half a page on what I guess I could have said in a couple of sentences all that’s left to say is we shall see how it goes, and if you have got to the end of this thank you J
Lou xoxo

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