Sunday, 27 March 2011

More Is Less...

So I was catching up on the weekly dosage of 'The Only Way is Essex' - I must admit it is my guilty little pleasure, and I couldn't help feeling that I really should make the effort more in my appearance. As fake as these women may be, the never fail to look fantastic.

Watching the episode earlier today, I realised I should probably get my disgustingly short, bitten down nails manicured to the max, get my pasty whiter than what skin tanned up just a tad (not quite Essex orange), and put my hand in my pocket and get some proper extensions done, because to be quite frank my hair is a massive state.
I was reading an article in one of my magazines saying how men prefer natural women as opposed to fake women. But what if you aren't blessed with natural beauty? Surely there is nothing wrong with having a bit of extra help to make you look sexy. That's what I think anyway. It doesn't necessarily mean that you have to look like a surgically enhanced oompa loompa.

A nice sunkissed tan - not an orange peel tan, neatly manicured nails - not witches talons, subtle hair extensions - not rats tails. Just because you choose to enhance what you have already got doesn't mean that you are fake. Yes if you are a natural beauty then goody for you, but not all of us have that luxury. Plus I think I'd be a little bored if I was.

I mean it would be lovely to be able to get up the morning, roll out of bed and straight out the door looking flawless, but I kind of like the routine of doing my hair and make up in the morning, even more so on a night out. Getting ready is half the fun of it. Having all the girls round, few glasses of wine and getting dolled up to the nines.

I really do feel like I should make more of an effort with my appearance though, and possibly be slightly more adventorous in my looks. I like to shop. I like to shop a lot so I have a large variety of clothes, most recently some tan coloured high waisted paper bag shorts which I'm a little in love with, but when it comes to getting ready in the morning I am 100% lazy.

(love love LOVE them)

During the bi weekly lecture I get from my Mum about spending massive amounts of money on clothes rather than food and general living needs, I justify it by saying that I'm a fashion student so I need to be wearing the latest fashions. But in reality when I go into uni at 9am for a lecture, the last thing on my mind is how good I look, I'm more bothered about the day being over and done with and getting back into bed.

My make up is always the same, my hair (currently being grown out of a bob and at a disgustingly annoying length) is always the same, except when I go out - the hair extensions are curled and in without a second thought.  What I'm trying to say is that sometimes more is less, if that makes sense. Sometimes putting in that extra 10 minutes of effort in the morning just makes you feel a million times better in yourself, at least it does with me. I feel so much nicer when my hair looks good and I've got a nice bit of lippy on than when I'm rolling into uni with my hair pulled back and my glasses on.

Theres definitely a healthy in between when it comes to being sexy, but in terms of men prefering natural women, I'm not sure how real that statistic is. I mean everyone likes different things don't they. It would be boring if everyone liked the same because then everyone would be the same. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and being different and unique is what makes each and everyone of us beautiful. Life would be so uninteresting if we were a world of clones, be proud to be different.

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