Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Bright Lights of Fashion...

Again, I’m late on my blog post this week. Timing is not one of my best qualities, I blame my Mother, she seems to have no awareness of time whatsoever. So much so that if I need her to be somewhere I tell her she needs to be there 10 minutes earlier, then we stand a chance of her being on time.
But anyway onto the subject in hand. This week at uni we had an industry evening where we had guest speakers come in, speak to us about their career and then we have the chance for a bit of Q&A.
This weeks guests were pretty amazing to say the least. Jenny Dickinson; Deputy Editor of ELLE magazine, Alexandra Shakespeare; Web Editor of, and Jade Cooper Collins; Editor of her own creation, Cellardoor magazine.
Cannot wait for this bad boy to be posted through my door. How hot does RW look!?!

Actually could not put this issue down! Designer heaven, if only i were rich...

Definitely should take a few tips, create your own magazine, prove you want it!

I absolutely jumped at the chance to go to this event, as a career within the big and beautiful world of the big glossy fashion magazines is all I really want to do! Although I’m not entirely sure what I want to do within a magazine if I’m so lucky to get the chance.
I always just thought that my dream job is to work for Vogue or Harpers or ELLE, one of the biggies and that was that. I never really gave much thought into what I’d actually like to do within that. So this evening was a great opportunity for me to learn more about different aspects of the opportunities available working for a fashion magazine.
I’d never really thought about writing online for the magazine in question. Pretty much all print magazines have an online site to coincide with, and with online media becoming a big obsession through recent years it seems like a good area to get into. Although with my current university assignment on the good old macs, I’m not sure I have enough patience to be dealing with layouts and that aspect of things. I’m definitely more a writing kind of girl.
I think I’m pretty settled on being a features writer. I love writing my own pieces of work, where I can put my own twist on things, and write in a nice laid back, relatively chatty manner (hence this lovely little blog). I definitely don’t think I’d be suited to be doing lots of interviewing. I’m relatively shy around new people – something I really need to change going into such a fast paced industry, so I think I’d be much better in a features position.
Going to this evening and listening to the editors speak really just spurred me on even more to work my butt off and show as much enthusiasm and passion for getting into this business as is physically possible. Everyone says it will be so difficult to get into and I’d be lucky to be given a shot but anything is possible if you give it everything you’ve got and never give up.
I’m so excited for my internship with Look magazine in the summer, if a little daunted, and who knows it may lead onto interning and maybe working for ELLE or Harpers one day – a girl can dream aye. And all that stereotyping of editors being dragon type women as Meryl Streep portrayed in “The Devil Wears Prada” (possibly one of my favourite films of all time) – Jenny Dickinson and Alexandra Shakespeare are two of the nicest people I’ve met, definitely not like Miranda Priestly!
London watch out, I’m making my move. Hopefully sooner rather than later...

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