Friday, 4 March 2011

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words...

So just a little update on the whole job situation, got a nice little phone call today informing me that I had got the job at Accessorize. BINGO! So so happy, although the hours do clash with my waitressing job which is a small dilemma which I hope to resolve tomorrow, though my fear of confrontation will not be great in this situation. But hey ho, I am employed babyyyyyyy!!!!!

And now on to my blog post today which is concerning the matter that I have now decided that I love photography! Without a doubt my two options for next year are definitely going to be styling and photography. I love it.

I did my photoshoot for my uni assignment today and I was literally in my element. Setting up a shoot is so much fun, although my debit card did not enjoy the trip to Topshop beforehand. Oops.

My theme for the shoot was '70's Garden Party', so I was shooting outside and had been waiting for the sun to hit the lovely town that is Southampton for quite a while now. And it was definitely worth the wait. The photographs turned out perfect, just how I wanted and I haven't even edited yet. It did help that I had a very good model and very nice friends to lend me clothes for the shoot so I didn't have to go bankrupt!

The Seventies is all about maxis and the perfect silhouette and I wanted to cover as many aspects as I could without overdoing it. I focused on the chic aspect of the Seventies era rather than the glamour of it all as I thought it would suit my theme much better. And at long long last I managed to get my hands on the butterfly flute sleeve blouse from Topshop, on loan from a very nice person. Loving it.

It's so much fun just to go out with a blank canvas, not sure how anything is going to go or turn out and be able to come away with some pretty amazing pictures. I do not want to have to give this camera back to the media centre on Monday, I'm loving it, it's like it has it's own little airbrushing screen, my skin looks perfect. Amazing!

Photography is definitely going to become my new hobby I feel, I have literally unlimited access to a Canon 500D camera, tripod and everything that goes with it, free of charge, so during these beautiful summer days that I hope shall continue I think myself and the media centre are going to become very good friends. I'm not the best at drawing so photography is perfect in bringing out my creative side.

So yes I am now even more determined to make it in to the beautiful world that is fashion. Attending on a photoshoot for a fashion magazine would literally be a dream come true. But until then here are a few images from my shoot today. Enjoy.

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