Thursday, 17 March 2011

Shop 'Til You Drop...

So I'm finding it extremely hard to resist the temptation to shop at the moment, and working in retail doesn't help.

Although I know that I should be saving my wages for my upcoming university trips and summer holidaying (hopefully) I cannot help but want to buy pretty much every item of clothing that catches my eye.

Women's fashion stores are probably the best I have ever seen them. Shops that I wouldn't normally go in are calling me in from their beautiful window display or eye catching dresses and shimmering jewellery. This season is so overtly feminine, so my style that it makes it very difficult to keep my money in my purse.

I'm loving this Seventies style revival, the flares and the floating blouses, the crocheting and the over sized jewellery. Everything is laid back and simple but so stylish and effective at the same time. It's that kind of effortless look that everyone can pull off with like the description entails, very little effort.

So after spending the past two hours looking through various clothing sites, tempting myself to the max, rather than spending the very limited amount of money I have, I thought I'd share a few things off my wish list with you lovely readers. So here goes...

I love love LOVE this tan gathered maxi dress from Topshop. Avoiding the block neon colours, I am focusing more on minimalism which is a massive trend this season. With its sexy short underdress we can still show off those hot pins but still keeping a little covered up. At £55 it's a pretty good bargain for a dress that can be worn for so many different occasions, from a wedding party, to a trip to the park, you will definitely get your moneys worth out of this beauty.

I'm a massive fan of blouses this season. They are so easy to wear and look so simple and sophisticated, it's pretty much impossible to not be able to pull this look off. With high waisted jeans, distressed denim shorts, chinos, skirts, there is literally nothing that a blouse will not look great with. Grab a see through one like the one above (available from New Look in a variety of colours at £21.99) to add a bit of sex appeal to your outfit and layer up some statement bangles for a truly chic summery look.

My latest purchase is this bad boy from River Island for a measley £24.99 and I'm a little in love with it right now. For a really Seventies boho look I'm waiting on a beautiful sunny day to team with my maxi dress, a pair of sandals, masses of bangles and a nice floppy bow in my hair. The boho look is absolutely huge for S/S 11 and this beautiful crochet waistcoat is a must have for this trend. A cheaper alternative is available at Primark for £10 so there is no reason not to rush out and buy this right now!

These shorts are top of my must have list and at £36.99 from Miss Selfridge hopefully it will obtain it's rightful place in my wardrobe rather shortly. With the cute floral detail along the bottom they are perfect for a laid back summer look and the tan colour means they will match with pretty much anything. Again with a versatility to dress up with some wedges and a sexy blouse, or down with some flip flops and cami they are worth every penny and suitable for any occasion you could think of.

Since beginning working there, I have become a bit of an Accessorize whore. This shop is heaven for a girl like me. Although well known for its jewellery, the beachwear at accessorize this quarter is to die for! This cute and flirty playsuit at £30 is currently one of their best sellers and is flying off the shelves. With it's adorable floral print and waist cinching silhouette it will flatter every shape and size, making it a must have for your summer wardrobe, loving it!

Continuing on the floral theme, I have a little obsession with this handbag at present. Another Accessorize item at just £30, its a perfect size, a good structure (i hate flimsy bags that have no shape to them at all) and lets face it, it's just dead cute. Carried in your hand, or thrown over your shoulder/body it's easy to wear, and with it's unique fastening you'll never lose anything again.

Although, if you've got a bit more cash to splash this season then what better to spend your cash on that this stunning Tillie Slouchy Leather Tote by Mulberry. With the very on trend tan shade and masses of storage space it makes it perfect for a girl like myself who always has a bulging handbag, and with pockets on the front it makes it easy to access your key items such as keys and phone which are always a massive challenge to find in a big bag such as this. Although it is my ultimate desire to one day own a Mulberry handbag but at £1,106 I think that I may have to go for the slightly less expensive Alexa style. (Both available at

Back to the more affordable high street Accessorize this sandals are a work of art. I'm loving this light shade of blue right now and mixed with silver and a slight patterning of brown they are brilliant for a sexy little lunch date or even a night out if you aren't a fan of heels. Sandals are literally a girls best friend in the hot summer days (which lets hope we get a fair few of this year) and these beautys can be dressed up or down to be worn anyway. This idea of being able to wear things for evening glam or daytime chic is something that features heavily among a lot of trends this summer so you definitely get more for your money ladies.

Ultimate sex appeal comes in the form of these heart embellished stocking tights. I am in awe. I have a sexy little pair of these stashed away in my draw. Although they can easily be worn in every day wear with a pair of ripped shorts, cami and shearling aviator jacket, I dressed mine up with a butterfly flute sleeved blouse from Topshop and a pair of killer heels. Also available with a bow design, they tights are a steal at £8 and just look totally amazing. Definitely time to get rid of the 20 denier plain old boring tights and get these in your bedside draw!

So, hope I've inspired you all to get on your internet browser and get shopping, thus making me a little less bad by filling my wardrobes to the brim. What is it they say, that you can never have to many shoes... Or bags, or underwear, or clothes. Basically in my eyes you can never shop too much, as long as you're left with enough money to eat every couple of days then its all dandy.

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