Monday, 14 March 2011

Quick little update on the wedding sitch. Found the perfect dress, slightly over budget but wow did my Mum look stunning, found the perfect bridesmaids dresses – beautiful, found a gorgeous wedding ring, so it’s all starting to come together and feel a little more real now. Also checking out some luscious holidays in Crete – Mum’s checklist of at least 4 star rating and must be all inclusive slightly bumping up the price. She isn’t great at budgeting, that’s obviously where I get that from...
Mmm but I love being home so so much. I am definitely not looking forward to the three and a half of train journey looming at the end of today.
Trains are not my favourite, I’d much prefer a car, possibly even a bus although I’m not totally decided on that one. But the underground. Wow. It is a horrible horrible place. Granted, it gets you to where you want to go fast but it is hot and smelly and full of sweaty people and midway through a near on 4 hour journey, being stuck under a fat mans armpit is not what I want to be doing.
Why is everyone in London so crazy. The amount of pushing and shoving to get on a tube is unreal, especially when they come every two minutes it’s actually ridiculous. One man actually wanted to get on the tube so much that despite the fact the doors were closing he just threw himself literally head first on board to receive a massive smashing on his head from the now closed doors. Mental.
I remind myself of Michael McIntyre a little bit here when he does his little sketch on London in his “Hello Wembley” tour. I’m a massive lover of Michael McIntyre by the way, he is a actual babe and if he doesn’t do another tour soon I may cry from the withdrawal.
But anyway yeh he says how people always say oh no one bothers to say hi or talk to you in London but to be fair it would be impossible. I get what he is saying but it is so so true. People back where I come from seem so much more friendly and helpful. Hauling a massive suitcase on the tubes and trains in London, up and down stairs, not one person so much as offered to help. As soon as I arrive back in Kettering a man picks my suitcase up and carries it off the train for me. I do love Kettering, hahaJ
Don’t get me wrong I plan to live in London when I graduate from uni, well maybe not in London but on the outskirts, I don’t think I’m streetwise enough to live in the part of London I could afford straight from graduation. But London is where everything is happening, all the big glossy fashion mags are there and fingers crossed, one day I’ll be a part of that big and beautiful industry.
This was a bit of a rambly blog post to be honest. Hopefully my next one shall be a little more fashion based as I haven’t done one of those in a while. I seem to have a lot of things to moan about floating around my head right now so this seems like the perfect way to have a little rant. I’ll try to find something a little more interesting to write about in the coming blogs for you lovely little followers. Much loving xoxo

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