Friday, 11 March 2011

We Are Gathered Here Today...

So I should have done a post yesterday, but I am finally employed! Twice! So that combined with university, I literally have not had a spare second since Tuesday.
I’ve been so so homesick this week it is actually unreal! I cannot believe I miss home this much! Currently sat on the train home whilst writing this I am very excited to spend the weekend will my family and friends, basically my favourite people in the world J
The theme of my post today is weddings. I love a good wedding, love love love em! The reason for me bringing up this idea is that my Mum and her fiancé Lee are getting married in August and I literally cannot contain my excitement!!!
Tomorrow, me, my Mum and my little sister are having a nice girly day shopping for Wedding bits. Wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses, shoes and of course the rings. I am of course bridesmaid (chief – but do not try to argue this one out with my sister!) and so this makes me even more excited about dress shopping. Although I would love to be just a little bit cheeky and try on a wedding dress. Why not aye!
I remember when I was younger I used to try on my Mum’s wedding dress and prance around in a pair of heels much too big for me, I was not camera shy in the slightest back then (actually a MASSIVE poser to say the least!). Dressing up was and still is my ultimate favourite thing to do, any opportunity to have a night out in fancy dress and I’m on it. But that’s going onto a completely different subject...
I definitely think it’s a girly thing to dream about your own fairytale wedding. I know exactly what I want when it comes to my big day, I’m definitely a girl who knows what I want, no question about that. From the style of the dress, to my colour scheme, flowers, rings, church, I’ve got it all stashed in my head. It might be a good idea to find a man to fit in to these plans though otherwise I might find things a little tricky.
I don’t know if anyone has seen the programme “Don’t Tell The Bride” on BBC3? Quick lowdown if you haven’t, basically the bride has no clue whatsoever and every single detail of their special day is down to the groom, some pull it off, but some cock it up to the max! Now I will never understand these women who allow this to happen. I sound like a right control freak right now, I’m honestly not, but I would want my wedding to go without a hitch, be perfect in every single way and be a day never to forget. I only plan on doing it the once so it needs to be a good’un!
And my Mum isn’t the only one getting married in the next few months. Possibly the most anticipated wedding in a good while scheduled for next month is that of the gorgeous Prince William and his lady Kate Middleton. Now her dress has got to be an absolute beauty with the budget she is going to have for that bad boy.
There is such a huge speculation about her wedding dress with predictions being thrown about everywhere. Top on the list is a Sarah Burton design (the fashion designer who succeeded Alexander McQueen) however Clarence House have refused to comment on this story, so I guess we will have to wait and see. She is said however to be doing to opposite of her fiancĂ©s Mother, Princess Diana and not wearing a big bouffant dress. Simple and sophisticated is much more Kate’s style so I’m sure she will look a picture whichever high end designer she goes for.

Princess Diana's dress designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel back in 1981.

Elizabeth Emanuel's design for Kate Middleton's wedding dress if she were to do so. She says "My design for Kate’s dress is simple with a layer of complexity" and "I think it would be lovely to include a beautiful brooch, perhaps something from the Royal Family’s ­collection." Let's wait and see how similar the dress is in a couple of months time!

My Mum’s wedding is definitely going to be a highlight of my year, so I’m sure I will be regularly updating you on the developments as it’s all much too exciting to keep to myself. With this level of excitement now God knows what I’ll be like at my own wedding, if that day ever comes. Still waiting for Prince Charming...

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