Friday, 8 April 2011

Aiming For That Perfect Beach Bod...

Dieting. It's one of those words that the majority of people hate.

In our society right now everyone is obsessed with weight and how they look and what shape they are. I'm one of those people.

My latest decision to do the Special K diet has been going surprisingly well now on its fourth day, usually by now I would have been sat in bed with a bag of Tesco onion rings, couple of cream cakes and the biggest bottle of fanta fruit twist that I could get my hands on.

You see I love my food, this does not go well with my obsession with my weight. It sounds pathetic but getting fat is a pretty big fear of mind. University does not help this, as food that is actually good for you seems to be double the price of junk. Shame.

Working in a cafe definitely does not help. Yes I am on my feet running around all day, but I am also eating toast, a massive chilli chicken and bacon sandwich for my lunch (FRICKIN AMAZING!!!), several cans of pop, a bag of crisps, a bit of soup, and pretty much anything that is wrong will be shoved in my gob. I am a human dustbin when it comes to being at work.

That was until this week. With me being bridesmaid at Mum's wedding and our summer holiday just booked, I am determined to have a good body come August, that means cutting out the junk. That is pretty difficult when I avoid vegetables at every opportunity - my Sunday roasts consist of meat, roast potatoes and mash. YUM!

The Special K diet seemed like a pretty good idea, I still get to eat, cereal which I actually like and then a normal meal. Trying to drink lots of water is not great though. For some reason tap water in Southampton tastes like swimming pool water. It is disgusting, and the majority of the time warm.

Actually pretty yummy - but at £3 a box it isn't the cheapest.
I am not one of those people who could do those crazy diets where people just don't eat. I went through that phase a couple of years ago and never ever again. I mean the Atkins diet - no carbs! Carbs are the main factor is every single one of my meals. I am a uni student after all!

I would literally not be able to cope without my carbs!
The thing which isn't going great for me is the exercise. Walking to and from works means I generally walk at least 45 minutes a day aswell as being on my feet all day. But I've been trying to be good and do a bit extra at home. So 4 days of 250 sit ups a night and I literally cannot get up out of bed without my stomach being in pain. I knew I was unfit, but jeeeeez!

I don't necessarily think that I am fat, but I could definitely do with being better to my body, eating more healthy and doing more than just being a lazy bugger in bed - something I am pretty fond of doing as of recent. I am never gonna have a body like Kim Kardashian (if only!) a nice flat stomach would do me lovely. Please and thank you God...

Oh and I did mention earlier that I am going on holiday in the Summer, just booked today. Crete, 10 days, All Inclusive, 5* Hotel with my lovely family. And I wouldn't be a fashion student if I didn't show you all the gorgeous beachwear out there at the moment, so here goes :)

These beach hats are a massive seller right now. Perfect for on the beach or down the park, I'll defo be packing one in my suitcase.

I love this bikini from Accessorize, been selling amazingly! Beautiful colour and golden sequining, whats not to like.

 I want this! Ted Baker, beautiful print and at £29 it would be rude not to really...
 Adoring this bikini by Juicy Couture, at £80 I think I might have to give it a miss for now though.
The colours in this Ted Baker Kaftan are stunning! Really bold and striking, very different from all the other floral clothing available this summer.
 This French Connection Kaftan Dress is stunning, not just for on the beach but glammed up too. Beaut.
 Loveeeee this Kaftan from ASOS, cute, floral and summery - defo one of my holiday list!
Another lush bikini, ASOS have outdone themselves this summer, my debit card is gonna take a hit on these badboys!
I've shown a lot of Ted Baker summerwear in this post, and this jumpsuit is another to add to the connection. Again really striking colours and bold print, love it!
Not great for a tan (not that I ever do), but how cute is this swimsuit - another accessorize item.
I love denim at the moment, and this dress is so cute and summery. Or even when in this British weather it will look lush with some stocking tights. Gorge.
As soon as payday comes this month I'm purchasing these beauties! Dead cute, make a nice different to my aviators.

Lastly this lovely bikini set from Topshop. I love the heart shaped attachment in the bikini top, gives it that little something extra. Lovely colour too. A potential for my holiday wardrobe.

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  1. Love the hat... where can I get my hands (or head) on one ??