Monday, 16 January 2012

Fashion Yay's and Nay's of the Golden Globes...

So I have not done a blog post in a very VERY long time! And as I was reading on my twitter feed all about the gorgeous gowns from The Golden Globes last night, I decided that my New Years resolution (late I know) will be to do a blog post once a week, every week. What better way to start that off than to speak about all the fashion from the red carpet at last night's prestiguous event.

So I don't really like to focus too much on the fashion disasters of the night, of which there weren't really that many, so I will get them over and done with first and foremost...

So, in my opinion, Sarah Michelle Gellar was 100% the worst dressed last night. I really do not know what she was thinking with this tye dye Monique Lhuillier dress, which lets face it just looks a bit like a scrunched up sheet. I think it's quite clear that it was her 2 year old daughter that picked this one out for her, just a little advice Sarah - next time I'd wait 'til your daughter is at least 15 to start using her as your stylist!

Kelly Osbourne. Well. I'm not actually sure which is worse, her grey hair or the abnormally large and strange shaped shoulders to her dress. Without those the Zac Posen gown itself would actually be ok, minus the creases all in the trail. Fishtails were big on the red carpet at this years events so in that sense she is bang on the trend, it's just the top half of her body that completely fails everything else.

Now Naya Rivera is a stunning woman, we all know that, but it is a COMPLETE shame that this dress looks like its going to be beaut from the back but when she turns around - not so great. Its very plain, looks like it needs steaming a couple more times and it's all puckered at the seams. It's a shame because she really is a beautiful woman, I expected a little more.

Now I'm not sure whether to place Zooey Deschanel in the best dressed or the worst dressed section of this post. This custom made Prada dress is certainly a one of a kind - the cut out back and the green jewelled detail make it completely original but I just cannot decide whether I like it or not. Zooey is certainly known for her kitschy ways and she looks beautiful as usual but for some reason I really cannot make up my mind.

Charlize Theron has hit a lot of people's best dressed lists this year with her Dior gown but I'm not quite so sure, I love the colour and low cut top is beautiful - I'm just not loving the massive slit topped with a weird scrunching of material. I like both ideas separately, but together I just don't think it works. Everyone is entitled to their opinion aye.

I haven't really put Jane Lynch in to comment about whether or not I am a fan of her dress, as really there is not a lot to comment on - it is just a plain black gown. I just like seeing her wearing a dress, it's much much MUCH nicer than seeing her in the velour tracksuit that we are used to in Glee!

Now Angelina Jolie has pretty much been given the title of best dressed woman from last night - surprise surprise I do not fully agree. Do not get me wrong, I love this simple and understated Versace dress, and I really like that she has matched her lipstick and handbag with the turn over scarlet of her dress, but I think there are other dresses which are much better than this.

Now I like a dress that is a little bit different, a little bit out there and not something that everyone can pull off. And Lea Michele's Marchesa gown has got to be my ultimate favourite of the night. She completely pulls this revealing number off and looks totally amazing! She is definitely number 1 on my best dressed this, you can't play it safe to win with me and Lea has really pushed the boat out with this one!

Closely following Lea is the beautiful Nicole Kidman with this incredible Versace gown. I love the unusual metallic studded detail, again it's just something a little bit different and it really emphasises her amazing figure. It's just beautiful. I love it.

Emma Stone looks FIERCE in this plum and fuschia Lanvin dress - mixing it up with an eagle waist belt showing off her tiny little waist. I really like the bold colours and the embellished shoulders - what else is there to say, it was an awesome choice!

Another one of my personal faves is presenter Maria Menounos bright yellow dress. Not a lot of women could pull off this colour, or this figure hugging dress but she just looks incredible. The simple hairdo and understated accessories place complete focus on the gown - not that you could really miss it lets face it. But yeh well done Maria, beaut.

Dianne Agron showcases some beautiful British craftsmanship with this stunning Giles Deacon dress - lazer cut swans - incredible! There really is no other way to describe it, it really is incredible, cannot fault it one single bit.

Now I absolutely love Mila Kunis, and once again she truly does look stunning but I just feel that she's played it a little bit safe this year. She really set the stakes at the Oscars in her beautiful Ellie Saab dress, I was just a little dissapointed that she did not go for something a little different, but never the less she looks beautiful in the Dior number.

I love Sarah Hyland's Dolce and Gabbana gown! Lovely and feminine in lace and it's got an almost vintage look to it. Thank goodness they managed to sew her back into it after a small wardrobe mishap, because this really is a beautiful dress.
I'm almost positive that Jessica Alba stopped ageing at around 24 - I swear she has looked the same age for the past 6 years, beautiful BEAUTIFUL woman. She does not dissapoint at all in this Gucci gown, she got it absolutely spot on. The lilac floor length gown is decorated with gorgeous beaded detail, nice and sparkly but not too excessive.

Last but certainly not least is Sophia Vergara in this figure hugging Vera Wang gown - again the hot trend the fishtail looks amazing, although completely impossible to walk in. In a gorgeous shade of navy this dress showcases all of Vergara's stunning curves giving her a modern and classic look.

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