Saturday, 20 August 2011

Make-Up: Can The High Street Really Compete With Designer?

When it comes to make up I’m one of those girls who tends to bulk buy. Get everything in a job lot and bish bash bosh it’s done for the month – as apparently I seem to plaster so much on my face it does not  last me a decent length of time.
Up until recently I was definitely a high street make up buyer. As far as I was concerned a mascara is a mascara. Whether it be a £5 rimmel one or a £40 Chanel one, it does what it says on the tin and makes your lashes look longer, as someone with pretty long lashes anyway it really does not make much a difference.
But when payday arrived (much awaited), I decided to treat myself and venture into town to get myself some nice new foundation rather than the cheap stuff I usually use. My Mum always uses No.7 at Boots so I thought I’d give that a go. Now mention No.7 to my Mum and she will rave about how amazing it is, ask me and you won’t get quite the same reaction.
The foundation the consultant tried on me just felt so greasy and even the lightest shade had an orange twange to it. Definitely not the brand to go for if you’ve got pale skin. So decided that mabe No.7 was not the brand for me. So as the Elizabeth Arden consultant was right next to me that was my next try.
My Nan always buys me Elizabeth Arden products for birthdays and christmas, I swear by her eight hour cream! Literally a must have in my beauty bag, clears up all spots, blemishes, dry skin anything – it cures all, i love it! And so when it came to getting the foundation I fell in love all over again.
Elizabeth Arden pure finish mineral powder foundation is to die for! It is so soft and feels like you aren’t even wearing anything, it’s gorgeous. At £24 it’s a lot more expensive than the usual rimmel tube that I usually use but after a month of Elizabeth Arden I could never go back, and now I’ve discovered I can save myself a few pennies aswell. So ladies with pale, blemished skin definitely try this gem, it will fast become your staple make up item, trust me.
I mentioned mascara earlier in that in terms of high street vs. Designer I believed that there was not a lot of difference. I currently use two separate types of Rimmel mascara – one lengthening, one volumising, costings around £13 for both. They do exactly what they state, lengthen and volumise. Elizabeth Arden, Estee Lauder and Lancome all give me a pretty similar result, nothing to write home about but in terms of lasting power designer mascara wins hands down.
Although my Rimmel mascaras are cheap and cheerful, they have to be replaced every month tops. They dry out like no-ones business, and are just terrible. Lancome can last me 3 months easy, if not longer. So in my opinion theres no loss there, spend double, in theory get double. It would appear that the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is definitely true – my Nan would be proud of me.
So what do you think? Make up – high street or designer? Is there much of a difference or is it all just a farse? I’ll leave you to form your own opinion, but below are a few of my favourites (check out for a few bargains!) xoxo
 My new love, the Elizabeth Arden pure finish mineral powder foundation. Amazing coverage and silky feel, it's a beaut.
 A high street one - Bourjois waterproof metallic eyeliner in this gorge blue. Such a bright vivid colour with brilliant staying power, really stunning effect - especially for the blue eyes.
 Another Elizabeth Arden treasure - timefighting radiance serum. Now don't get me wrong I'm not forming wrinkles by the second but this illuminates skin amazingly like you would not believe. A little pricey at around £40 but so worth it and it lasts for ages, definitely a splurge purchase!
I love my lashes nice thick and this does that perfectly. If you're treating yourself, team with the Estee Lauder lengthening mascara for knock out lashes. Beaut.

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