Sunday, 12 February 2012

Beauty Lovers Listen Up...

So, my friend introduced me to Glossybox a couple of weeks ago, and after a week of waiting it finally dropped through my front door. I wasn't really sure what to expect as I've heard a lot of mixed reviews as to the contents from month to month being very unreliable, but for £10 I thought I may as well give it a go!

So here it is - the much anticipated January glossybox. All pink and romantic ready with products to beautify yourself for Valentines Day! Straight away I was completely ecstatic with receiving the Clarins moisturiser - both a day cream and a night cream. I love Clarins skincare, it's perfect for my skin and really revitalising. Although it is anti-ageing, I love the effect that this type of moisturiser has upon my skin. It just makes it look fresh and vibrant - I use Elizabeth Arden intervene anti ageing moisturiser everyday and swear by it, so you don't have to be wrinkling to appreciate it's anti ageing qualities!
I already use a primer everyday, again Elizabeth Arden (I'm a little in love with all of their skincare range), so I was intigued to try one of a different brand as I've also tested Smashbox primer and contrary to many other people, I was not a fan. But my reaction to this could not be any different - I absolutely love it! It is a lovely shade which does exactly what it says on the packaging and gives skin a beautiful glow, as well as making it feel insanely soft. At £29 for 30ml it is £8 cheaper than my current Elizabeth Arden primer, so I'll definitely give it a shot long term.

I was also really impressed with the eyeko eyeliner I received, and was extremely happy that I got the midnight blue shade. I'd seen a lot of people who had received it in pink - not something I'm quite niche enough to wear, blue is just perfect for me. I've heard a lot about eyeko, but never actually bought any of their products so I'm excited to test this one out. 

Lastly, the F.A.B (First Aid Beauty) body moisturiser. This was the only thing that I was slightly dissapointed by, mainly due to the fact that I already had two moisturisers in my Glossybox. Although it is titled as body moisturiser, the description does in fact suggest that it is for the face. I will give it a go, but as you can probably tell I'm a little set in my ways when it comes to skincare brands and products so we shall see.

Overall I was pretty impressed with my products, although for this month I think I may change my preferences on my account to not receive skincare, purely because I have read so many reviews of people receiving barely any make up and lots of skincare products. Also, there are many MANY other brands that do this type of product. I had never really heard of a beauty box delivered to your door, and after looking into it, I am surprised at just how many there are!

Theres Boudoir Prive - who have this month relaunched the look of their box into more of a bag/box combination. Exactly the same price as Glossybox, they deliver '5 or 6 products' per box so again, very similar to Glossybox, however personally I do not think the brands that they promote are quite as prestiguous. They do seem to have slightly more make up brands and haircare brands, however personally I would still opt for Glossybox as it would seem that you get better brands for your money, and lets face it everyone loves value for money!

There is also the Carmine beauty box. Again £10 a month and using fragrance, skincare and make up. As I have not received this box myself, I have spoken to a few people I know who do so I have a little bit of personal insight rather than just relying on the websites analysis. It seems that Carmine do seem to equally give something from each of the fragrance, skincare and make up sections - something which I did mention Glossybox don't do brilliantly. 

Another beauty box I have heard a lot about is 'She Said Beauty'. Marginally cheaper at £9 a month, it is the cheapest out of all the above boxes and includes a lot more options, including skincare, treatments, face, colour, sun, hair, nails, body & fragrance. However their website does not list the brands they use so I do not know if they are to such a high standard as the other boxes on offer, but I have never heard a bad word about this box so I would like to give it a try. I'm going to make myself bankrupt if I try every box recommended to me, it does seem to be the new trend to have a beauty box delivered to your door each month, it's definitely catching on!

Last but DEFINITELY not least, I am hugely upset by Feel Unique's decision to discontinue their beauty box indefinitely. I love, it is where I get all of my Elizabeth Arden products from, they give brilliant discounts, offer many luxury brands, and are a brilliant website to communicate with, so a beauty box with them was always going to be good. The December box was brilliant with Elemis, Philip Kingsley and Decleor - all amazing brands I'm sure you'll agree, and every box offered this high standard. They have however said that they are currently working on a new service to bring us beauty lovers an 'exciting and improved way of discovering beauty' - so watch this space!

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