Friday, 17 February 2012

The Future For All Fashion Magazines?...

Now, for a very long time Company magazine has been my all time favourite fashion magazine to be grabbing each month! Not only full of fashion, but beauty, music, amazing features and a column by the brilliant Jameela Jamil (one of my favourite parts of the mag). 

It's so easy to read and you can flick through it until your hearts content, updating yourself on the newest trends and the best ways to wear them - something which believe it or not a lot of magazines don't seem to be doing much of. 

 (Possibly my favourite page of March's issue - i love the gold and mint green collaboration, I've already made a trip to River Island to ensure I've got the staple mint jeans and gold blouse in my wardrobe - stunning!)

As a fashion student I feel like I should love Vogue and constantly be emerged in the beautiful editorial and the amazingly written features within it's stunning glossy pages. But I'm just not. I like something that I can pick up, read a couple of pages in my tea break at work and go back to it later, which I just cannot do with Vogue. Do not get me wrong it is a beautiful magazine, with absolutely amazing work - but it's just not quite for me.

Company however hits the nail on the head, and I am 100% LOVING their new look!

This gorge new design launched with it's February 2012 issue in order to meet the needs of its readers and include more influence from online media and fashion blogging which is becoming bigger and bigger by the second. From their Company Style Blogger Awards 2012, looking at fashion blogs all across the spectrum, to their Read It and Tweet section, where Company staff and celebs give their reviews on fab books written by women - there is a much higher media involement in the new style magazine.

Although including brilliant new content that many other current magazines lack, the most obvious change with Company's new look is the transition from glossy paper on to matt paper stock - and I've got to say, what a bloody brilliant decision. People always seem to think that if a magazine, particularly a fashion magazine, does not use glossy paper then it loses it's luxury value. If you ask me that is complete and utter rubbish - I absolutely love the feel of the paper and the colours look brilliant, not at all dull or bland, I honestly do not have a bad word to say about it! It will be interesting to see if any of the current glossys follow in Company's footsteps and make this move.

The other thing that has changed is their strapline. The well known 'For Your Freedom Years' has disappeared and in it's place a little remark in relation to the main topic of the magazine. I'm loving the floral print on the binding of the March issue aswell, well in touch with the Spring theme.

So everyone, run out to your local corner shop and bag yourself this months issue, get yourself on the sofa under a blanket with a nice hot cuppa and tuck in.

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