Monday, 12 March 2012

It's About Time For Some Summer Shopping...

If any of you have me on twitter then you'll know that today was my nice girly shopping trip into town with the aim to buy a sexy little dress for my friend's 20th birthday tomorrow night. Did that happen - no. No of course it didn't. Why is it that whenever you go out with the aim to buy something particular, you cannot find it anywhere. Yet if I head to the shops with the intention to not buy anything and just browse, I end up wanting the entire shop. Typical aye.

So whilst I was not finding the one dress which I desperately needed, I was finding tops and jeans galore. As soon as my holiday pay comes through I will be lining my wardrobe with pastel colour jeans in every single shade possible - I'm a little in love with them! Anyway, this inspired me to do a little post of my summer wishlist - consisting of only a few items as if I keep looking I'm going to end up spending all my wages before they even come in.

I saw the glitter crosses tank in Topshop today and absolutely fell in love with it. I'm definitely a jeans/shorts and tee kinda girl. Wear them by day, by night - always an easy to pull off look. At only £18, with the added discount of my trusty student discount, it's a must buy and I will treat myself come payday - it will be a nice addition to my ever expanding t-shirt collection!

The feather print playsuit I've been ogling over for ages! I love the bold print and laid back style of it, perfect for the hopefully soon approaching hot summer days we're in much need of! As my current Miss Selfridge playsuit is coming close to it's last wear, this will make a lovely replacement and be the start of my holiday shopping. About time too!

Again, today was the day I discovered the peace burnout tee. Like I said, I'm an avid lover to the trusty old tee and this is no different. I love the metallic peace symbol and the colour is perfect to throw on with my rainbow collection of jeans. Easy to wear and spot on trend - beaut.

As I've said hundreds of times before, every time I walk into Topshop, and everytime I go in there until I own these jeans - I am in love. I need these jeans in my life. It's not even a case of want anymore, it's definitely a need. Theres mint green/blue jeans in absolutely every store you drop eyes on right now, but not one single pair seem to have this particular stunning shade. They are just beautiful, I really need not say anything more about them - but as you can see they would go amazingly with the peace burnout tee. I think Topshop might take a bit more from my bank balance than I would hope!

Last but not least, the maxi skirt - a must have for those lovely summer days. I have been thinking about getting myself a drop hem skirt but I just don't know where I would wear it, whereas this bad boy would be perfect whatever the occasion. Generally I'm not a huge fan of tie dye, but in these deep colours it really works and does not look tacky in the slightest - something with the bright colours do so just terribly! 

Hope this has given some of you a few ideas for your summer wardrobe, and if not what are you wishing for this season?

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