Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Dip Dye: Not Just For Hair...

It all began with blonde tips on dark hair, but now fashion has completely transformed the trend into something absolutely beaut! Blues and pinks are the in colours right now for this bang on trend. I am absolutely loving all the cute summer items, and it's a brilliant alternative to tie dye (which I completely despise!)

Dip dye shorts are absolutely everywhere at the moment, but I wanted to move away from the denim dip dye and these Miss Selfridge shorts are just so cute. I love the colour, and the high waisted distressed style are such a lovely cut and really flattering. At £35 it's a little on the expensive side for Miss Selfridge, but you'd get a huge amount of wear out of them so it will be worth the extra pennies.

Now I know we're heading into summer but lets face it, it's an english summer so theres bound to be a few wet and windy days on the horizon, and this sweater is just too amazing to miss out! Not only will it look awesome with a pair of denim jeans or shorts, Topshop have styled this sweater on their neon pink hotpants (shown above, priced at £22) - awesome I'm sure you'll agree.

I only found the mango dip dye, dip hem skirt yesterday, and I've fallen completely head over heels for it - I absolutely adore it! I love that the colour merge is not two shades of one colour, the two different colours add something really different to all other dip dye items I've seen and the material used means that it can be dressed up or down making it so so versatile. Only £29.99 - I want. 

Lastly the foil textured sweater. Well we all know that metallics are still huge this season and mixing it up with the dip dye makes it even more spot on!  Again the two different colours just make it appeal so much more to me, such a beaut shade of blue (my fave) I reeeaaaallllllyyyy want to add this to my wardrobe. For a Topshop sweater, £28 is pretty cheap, though I do feel it is a little more of a t shirt, regardless it needs to be purchased asap. So if someone would like to offer me a full time job in the very near future that would be great!

If you've seen any dip dye items that you think cannot be ignored, or are just incredibly amazing, leave me a little link. There's nothing like a rainy afternoon sat inside in the warm with a cuppa, internet shopping. So hit me up ladies, and thanks for the read.


  1. Loving those shorts :D they are cute, may have to get a pair!

    Great post :)

  2. They're beaut aren't they! So many lovely things about at the moment - summer is always the best for cute bits like these!