Monday, 21 May 2012

It's That Time of Year Again...

The title says it all. Birthday. And not only does this birthday mean that I am finally going to be leaving the teenage years and actually need to start acting like a grown up, but it also means that I need to get myself an absolutely knock out dress. Scratch that. TWO knock out dresses.

The searching has been extensive. I have several packages arriving this week to ensure the best of the best, and these were my beaut little finds...

I'd never ever heard of Bershka until my editor told me about it, and man have I been missing out! They do such gorgeous dresses as such low prices - this isn't the only one that I want. If you can't tell by this post anyway, I love dip hem dresses, and I just love the colours in the beautiful v neck dress. So summery and comfortable material, yet really dressy and stylish at the same time. Even if this doesn't make the cut for the much coveted birthday dress slot, I will definitely be keeping this bad boy for summer nights out, and cocktail dates!

Now this dress is just a slight twist on one that my friend had for her birthday, the only thing different is the pattern on the mesh overlay. The reason I want it for myself is that it is the most flattering dress I think I have ever tried on in my life! The elasticated waist cinches you right in, and the wrap around dip hem allows you to flash a sexy bit of leg without having the whole lot out. I love the shimmering colours and the water design pattern - I've got an orange/red toned pair of heels that will just look incredible with this, it's a definite contender.

I've recently become a massive fan of peplum dresses, I think they are extremely flattering and sexy, but hugely classy at the same time. However, I have found it really difficult to find one that is not just a straight up and down, plain coloured, high necked peplum dress. So this cut out design is really different to the masses without making it look cheap. I'll definitely be having to whack the old fake tan on with this though otherwise I will look completely washed out!

WOW. I love this last dress. I've had my eye on it in River Island for ages and been holding out to get it for a special occasion. Available also in a cream/grey colour (only in store as sold out online) I didn't know which to go for, but black is just so classic and sophisticated, I thought heading into my 20s I'd go for just that. I really like that the dip hem is at the sides and so emphasises the length of your legs which lets not lie ladies is ALWAYS good! I plan on teaming this with red heels, bright red lipstick and my hair all up in a bun. Classic!

If any of you lovely readers have seen any gorgeous dresses that could be in the running for the much needed birthday dress, leave me a little comment and let me know. My internet browser is working overtime right now so any ideas are brilliant!!!


  1. Number 1 - definitely! Happy birthday xx

  2. Ah I've ordered 2 and 4, but the more and more I look at 1 I want it sooo much!

    Thank you :) xxx