Thursday, 24 May 2012

Mixing It Up...

A chat with someone at work the other day (do not ask me how or why we were on this topic of discussion) has given me the idea to write this post, as I'm sure all you lovely ladies will have plenty to say about this.

Underwear. Mix it up, or always match. Now as far as I'm concerned, and what I said to my colleague is that you should always have nice enough underwear on so if you were rushed to hospital it would not be embarrassing to have to whack the old knickers out. 

Personally I own two sets of matching underwear - one from Ann Summers, and the other from the beaut that is La Senza. I bloody love it in there, but you could spend hundreds and hundreds getting yourself some sexy little bits it's ridiculous. Although I do begin to wonder how much use could be had out of a stocking and suspender set, or a cute little babydoll or corset. Surely there's only so much sexy dress up that can be done, and let's be honest the men aren't exactly going to help us out of these bad boys, they can only just about manage bra straps we can't expect too much! I tend to go for the sexy yet comfortable attire when it comes to underwear. Thongs only when necessary. 

Thong time usually occurs when it's tight dress season, aka when the weather has got nice enough to not go out and worry you're going to freeze or ending up a bit nippy, for use of a better word. Let's face it dress searching can be hard enough, without having to worry about finding the right underwear for said dress, and if there are any men reading this, then believe me underwear shopping is ridiculously frustrating and you will never fully understand this!

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate thongs, they are perfect for jeans that look like they've been sprayed on, or a tight fitting dress, but dependent on the type, they are just not the most comfortable thing in the world - or attractive in my opinion. Again men you may disagree, but personally I think a sexy french knicker is way sexier than just having your arse cheeks hanging out a tiny piece of lace. And that's another point, there is less material, yet more expensive! This creation is definitely a man's doing, no doubt about it!

It is crazy how so much emphasis is placed on looking good, even on the layer of clothing that unless you get lucky, no one else is going to be seeing anyway. Men are happy as long as they've got a clean pair of boxers on, so why on earth do we bother. I agree, yet I still do make an effort. I don't know what situation I think I am going to get myself into but all I know is that I want to look good in said situation.

After my little rant and rave I thought I'd leave you with a few of my faves right now - and as La Senza are still getting their website back up and running I thought  I'd go to my next port of call, the always beaut Topshop. Enjoy girls...

From the ultimate sexy...

To the just plain cute...




  1. It seems like column writing isn't just your dream, but your thing as well! I really enjoyed this text! I totally agree with you on the whole underwear "anxiety"! I like underwear sets, but I hardly manage to wear them as a set! And, yes, they are expensive, more than they should, I guess! The previous time I commented on your blog I said that I'd follow you via GFC, but that's was not an option! So, I sorry for the confusion!

  2. Ah thank you very much, I'm really glad you liked it!!!
    I know, I hardly ever buy sets, I just pick up cute little separates that take my fancy!

  3. Really good read, I have matching sets but never wear them together.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, I was wondering if you would like to follow each other? Let me know and I will follow straight back :)


  4. I like the first maroon lace bra, subtle but sexy xoxo
    thanks for commenting on my blog honey, would you like to follow each other?

  5. LOL my underwear & bra never match!! That is wayyyyyy too much work!! I wish I had that much time but there is no way. You've picked out some beautiful pieces though!!

  6. Hi girls, I've followed you both. Thanks for your lovely comments :) xxx