Friday, 1 June 2012

Jubilee Glam...

Now I bet you're all ridiculously excited to be having a 4 day weekend, hopefully the sun sticks around, there will be lots of street partys all over the country, and a hell of a lot of alcohol drank across the duration of the celebrations. Whilst you're all enjoying this, think of little old me working my arse off all weekend! 

Now although I won't be joining in the celebrations to quite the extent I would like, by no means will I be missing out on the jubilee fashion and knick knacks that can be collected. I'm one of those people, who loves to just buy little bits of crap that will never be used again. I'm sure many of you will agree with me that you just pick up little handmade bracelets when you go on holiday, and two weeks later they are lost or just thrown into the bottom of a draw somewhere. That sums me up really. 

I'm an impulsive buyer. A shopaholic if you will. If I see something I like I buy it right away. I don't bother looking around to see if I can find it elsewhere cheaper, or weigh up whether I actually need it. The debit card comes out, and out of the shop I walk arms full of bags - or most recently online where it just feels much too much like everything you get is for free as there is no money exchanging. My bank balance is not a fan of this!

However, I am straying away from the point a little bit here. What I need to say is that I am actually surprised by the Jubilee treats on offer. Not everything is awfully tacky, which happens a lot when we get events like this. Don't get me wrong, a lot is Union Jack adorned, but I just want so so much of it! I'll let you make your own minds up, but here are my favourite picks...

These tights are just awesome! I must stress that they are two separate pairs, as I thought they were the same at first just a front and back view, but no. I want both, they are just amazing. I love all the stocking tights at the moment, and Pretty Polly creations so these are exactly my kind of thing! Only £9.50 and they are really unique, I love them!

Now I have never seen eyelashes like this before! I don't wear false lashes because my own natural lashes are pretty long anyway, but these are so crazy I actually want to give them a go, I'm intrigued to see what they look like. I've tried the Violent Lips Union Jack Lip Transfer (which is incredible by the way), so I guess these are the next thing to go for. If any of you lovely readers have already grabbed yourself a pair, let me know what you think!

Now the Alexander McQueen is more of a wishlist item, rather than anything I'd actually be able to afford. I struggle to treat myself in Topshop sometimes (sorry overdraft) but this is a little out of my reach at £1219! However it's Alexander McQueen so when it comes to British fashion it just had to be included really! Covered in gems and with the signature skull clasp on it, it's another beautiful McQueen creation.

Now I've spoken about Nazila Love Glamour a fair bit on my twitter and had a designated post from when I met them at a beauty bloggers event (read post here), and their nails are the most unique sets I've ever seen so I couldn't leave out these GB Rocks creations now could I!

And lastly but 100% not least, possibly my favourite items of the entire post (other than the tights of course). M&S have launched their own Jubilee underwear. Inspired by the shapes and creations from the Queen's coronation year in the 1950's, this lingerie has been given a modern day twist and these two are my fave! 

The nude vintage style bra is so cute, but in a sexy way. Unfortunately the cute vintage shorts have sold out, no surprise really! But instead match up with these lovely satin lace knickers and you'll be good to go. I NEED to get my hands on the high waisted knickers to the right though, or as I like to call them sexy spanx! I would not be embarrassed if someone caught me in these bad boys, how hot are they!?! Yes please!

Have you got yourselves any little bits for the Jubilee? Let me know, as you all know I love any reason to buy myself yet more clothes!


  1. They are amazing aren't they! I love them!

  2. ohhh I just love this post ha! the tights & the undies.. woweee so hottt x