Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Make Up or Cover Up...

Now as far as I'm concerned, make-up is a girls best friend. It covers up all the blemishes and dark circles, hides the effects of a crazy night out, and can completely change your overall appearance. I bloody love the stuff.

Saying this, I'm not one of those girls who ploughs it on with a shovel, especially when it comes to foundation. I like to be able to look like I haven't got foundation on, rather than my face be glowing orange in comparison to the rest of my pasty white body. I just don't understand that concept. Make up is there to enhance what we have already got, not to cover up every speck of identity that we have.

Women have, and always will confuse me in this way, and I am exactly the same to an extent. We are never happy with our appearance. Ever. Take that scene in 'Mean Girls' for example, standing in front of a mirror pointing out all their faults. Would you catch guys doing this at a lads night, would you hell, but women yeh why not lets just put ourselves down more.

We women are our own worst critics. We point out things we hate about ourselves that other people don't even notice. Our pores are too big, or our hair isn't the right shape and lets not get onto boobs and bums 'cus this post will never end! But you get the jist, nothing is ever perfect. At the end of the day there is no such thing as a perfect woman, but when you find the right person they love you for all your imperfections regardless of what they are. Too much emphasis is placed on the smallest details nowadays (man I am not old enough to use that phrase yet!)

But there you go, there's how it goes, and we roll with it. Like I said, make-up is brilliant for covering up and giving you a new look  - and personally that is what I love about it. I'm not a huge beauty boff and have draws and draws overflowing with products, but I am very picky about what I use.

I'm more of a put on the essentials, and have an extra half an hour in bed kinda girl, so foundation and mascara are my must haves! Since going to uni, and having a job on the side, I've found myself buying a lot more make up of a higher quality rather than just sticking to Rimmel. My bank balance is not fond of this, but my skin definitely is. And mascara. Well mascara is my addiction. I love my eyes, without boasting, but in my opinion they are the best thing about me, so I have to have amazing mascara to emphasise this!

5-Elizabeth Arden Blusher/Bronzer Brush (No longer on sale)

My two main staples for my facial make up have simultaneously ran out, and with my birthday coming up I'm waiting to hopefully get them back then. But Elizabeth Arden is my go to for skin. The brushes are amazing, and I'm so upset I can't get my hands on another blusher brush so I will have to really look after this bad boy! 

Her Pure Finish Mineral Powder and Intervene Timefighting Radiance Serum used together are my fave products ever, although for the time being has been replaced with the above Rimmel products which are great, I'm just not a fan of liquid foundation other than for nights out as it is too heavy for my skin.Touche Eclat is the most incredible thing ever for bags under the eyes, I will never use anything else. End of.

I did warn you I'm a bit of a mascara whore! I use all three of these everyday to get the perfect lash look in my opinion which is long and full of volume, but separated NOT clumpy. I cannot stand clumpy mascara, and these three work beautifully together. After curling my lashes, I use Lash Accelerator first, followed by Scandaleyes, and then Magnascopic, quickly separated again by Lash Accelerator. Beaut.

And I'm not much of an eyeliner girl, other than when I got out where I draw on a thin black line. But on a nice sunny day I do like to have a bit of bright blue going out, and the Bourjois especially makes my eyes pop! I love it. If you're green eyed try a nice bright green, or hazel eyes give purple a go, you will love it!

Pretty self explanatory really, I love red lipstick, dark and bright. I'm currently on the hunt for a really deep red almost plum lipstick as my fave Elizabeth Arden one has been discontinued. My most recent addition in the form of Dior Addict is a beaut lipstick. It is so moisturising, and stays put all day, even after eating so in that sense has replaced the Loreal Paris one at the top spot, however doesn't quite have the same boldness to it. The Revlon is really glossy and bright, more a deep pink than red, but I love it nonetheless.

So there is a little peek inside my beauty bag and if you have any suggestions on things to try then give me a comment. I'm still on the lookout for a full coverage foundation for nights out, doesn't have to be matte as I will team up with MAC prep + prime finishing powder, but any suggestions for that would be brilliant...

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