Saturday, 6 October 2012

Fave Bits of the Week...

Well this week has consisted a lot of me trying to not to spend all my student loan on clothing within the first week of having it. And so far I have done ok. The UGG boots made a pretty hefty dent in the old bank balance but other than that I seem to have resisted the urge to splurge too much. 

So this weeks fave outfits/purchases/ that I just have to share with you.

From left to right, top to bottom...
Onesie - Next, £28 (Available Online Now)
 Studded Shoulder Jumper - Missguided, £14.99 (Available Online Now)
Jeans - Primark
 Necklace - River Island, £5 (Available Online Now)
UGG Boots - Office, £200 (Available Online Now)
Peplum Top - Primark
Black Bodycon Skirt - New Look, £14.99 (Available Online Now)
Cut Out Wedges - eBay, were £19.99, now £12.99
Selection of Baby Clothes - Primark, from £3.50 - £7

So I finally collected the onesie - I have no idea how I have managed my whole life without one of these bad boys. Without a doubt the most comfortable item of clothing I have ever worn in my life. And how cute is the hood with ears. I am literally in love. I shall be spending my Saturday night like a boring old woman cosied up in this on the sofa with a chinese. Beautiful. 

Thought I ought to throw in a couple of outfits from this week too, seeing as my WIWT posts seemed to get quite a few new people into my blog which is always good. So top image is my lovely new jumper. We all know I'm a bit too into studded items at the moment, and at such a cheap price I had to get it. I love the burnout effect and it is a lovely fit, if a little short - makes me maintain my skinniness though I guess. Obviously after the UGG purchase, they shall be on my feet 90% of the time so it's only standard to include them! Like walking on a cloud...

P.s - Shoved the extensions in, as I am absolutely despising my short hair as of recent. It is just mid length, flat and boring and I hate it. I love the colour but it is so hard to keep up I have decided within the next month I am going to have it all stripped out and go to a more maintainable dark shade of brown. And hopefully for Christmas I shall get some vouchers to go and get some professionally bonded hair extensions at my favourite salon Queens back home.

Bottom left outfit is from my night out to one of my favourite clubs at the moment in Southampton - Provenance. I'm not sure if it's my favourite club because of the atmosphere or the good music, or the fact that every drink is £1 - but either way it was a bloody brilliant night. I love that this outfit looks like a dress. Peplum is so flattering on my figure and the simple colours make it easy to mix and match. The shoes are incredible. You can't see from the picture, but they are cut out wedges with studs on and they are just so comfortable. No one ever believes me when I say that, but you have to try them for yourself because they are brilliant. And look ace.

Lastly, Libby's wardrobe seems to be doubling in size every week, and I do not help with this one single bit. For those of you who don't know, Liberty (Libby) is my 2 month old little sister, and she is just the cutest thing to grace this planet. But man is she spoilt. Every time I see a little dress, or top, I just cannot help myself as I know how adorable she would look in them. I'm not sure what's going on with me - I've bought her more clothes than myself this summer!?! 

But there you have it, a bit of my week in fashion. And I shall leave you with a couple of pictures of the cutie herself, just for you to coo over. Let's face it, how can you not...

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