Monday, 8 October 2012

Cut Outs and Leather

Today has been such a productive day, which for a Monday is not usual for me at all! I've done my final major project research; which I've now got myself so excited for, sent back my ill fitting Missguided items, finally gone and sorted out a new pair of glasses after putting it off for about 6 months, and now I'm doing my blog. Pretty impressed if I do say so myself.

Now I know I said I wasn't going to be doing lots of WIWT posts, however with a delivery fresh on my doorstep from Topshop I couldn't really resist it. Especially as it's going to be the last arrival of new clothing for a while, Christmas is fast approaching and my savings account needs to be pulling in some kind of savings otherwise I'm going to finish uni in lots of nice clothes, but with not a penny to my name. Not ideal. But anyway today's post...

Top - Topshop, £36 (Available Online Now)
Belt - ASOS
Fur Trim Leather Jacket - Topshop, £58 (Available Online Now)
Leggings - New Look, £6.99 (Available Online Now)
High Tops - River Island

This top was actually just a purchase to make my Topshop order up to £75 so I didn't have to pay for postage (cheap skate), but true to form I have actually ended up really like it. I really like print, and the cut out shoulders make it just a little more edgy to it's plain strapped version. For a top it's a little bit steep at £36, but luckily I managed to grab it in the 20% off student shop in, so I don't feel quite as guilty. Without the belt it is a bit too baggy for my liking, and cinched in at the waste it gives it a slight peplum effect, which we all know I adore. 

It's absolutely hideous weather outside today and I just wanted to be comfy on my stint into uni so I risked the short length top and threw on a pair of leggings - and I hate to say it, but I actually quite like it. I always complain about people with their bums out and pants showing with leggings and a short length top but I made sure all was covered and I think it gives it quite a sporty laid back look. Especially with the high tops thrown in for good measure.

And finally my purchase of the month, a good old signature leather jacket. I loved my Topshop fur trim one from two years ago which I stupidly managed to leave on a train, and my Miss Selfridge replacement never quite lived up to it. But this one is perfect. The fit is brilliant, the fur trim makes it ideal for that winter look, and the biker quilting just gives it a little something extra. I will be throwing this on over absolutely everything this season. Everything. 

P.S - Apologies for the terrible hair, it's raining outside and well, this is the result.

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  1. The top is soooo lovely, I love the pattern and cut outs! The jacket is fab too! x