Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Perils of Being a Student...

So since returning to university this year I have realised a lot of things...

1. I like to go out and party. Much more than probably is a good idea as a 3rd year.

2. I believe I can live off of vegetable soup and pate on toast, purely to leave me more money for clothes

3. Getting up before midday is now extremely painful

4. Pre drinks never start when they are meant to - especially with my group of girls

5. Despite having a full wardrobe AND chest of draws, no one ever has anything to wear

6. Freezing your arse off because paying to have the heating on is just nonsensical 

7. Choosing the colour scheme for your bedroom becomes the most important decision of the week

8. Bringing a car to uni is never a good idea for two reasons - one, you become lazy and drive everywhere including round the corner to shops, and two - parking is just ridiculous

9. Freshers flu becomes like the plague - too ill for uni, but still in an acceptable state to go out 

10. I cannot afford my normal shopping addiction now I do not have a full time job - though I will still give it a good go.

And it is this last point that has resulted in this post to try and coax some of you lovely readers to head on over to my eBay page and see if anything catches your eye. 

After purchasing the leather jacket from yesterdays wish list post, I have come to decide that I do not need two leather jackets. As beautiful as the Miss Selfridge one is, I need to be a little bit sensible. Just a little bit. Lets not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

However, I thought I'd bite the bullet and pop on possibly the most favourite dress I've ever owned. My 20th birthday dress from River Island is literally my fave item of clothing but I will just never ever wear it again. It is too unique and dressy and it's just a one off wear - so why not whack it up on eBay and let someone else enjoy it like I have. 

Theres a couple of other items including a beaut cut out ASOS dress, and some Topshop crochet shorts up for grabs (never worn may I add) - so have a little mosey on over and help me out! Thanks girls...

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