Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Loan Day Wish List...

So I nearly completed the two weeks of WIWT, but moving to a house with no internet access kind of put pay to that. However, I absolutely loved doing that style of posting, and it seems you lovely readers were fans too as I am now over the 11,000 views stage, so thank you very much. 

Saying this, I REALLY need to stop spending so much money on clothes - therefore I aim to do a 'What I've been wearing this week' post once a week, to see the best, otherwise you'll be ending up with hoodies and jeans frequently and thats never fun. But for today, I'm going to leave you with all my lustings from my trip to town today, and what I'm trying with all my might not to spend my loan on...

 1 - Ted Baker Adona Make Up Bag, House Of Fraser, £25 (Available Online Now)
2 - Tall Chestnut Ugg Boots, Office, £200 (Available Online Now)
3 - Fur Collar Quilted Leather Jacket, Topshop, £58 (Available Online Now)
4 - Beaded Peter Pan Collar, Topshop, £14 (Available Online Now)
5 - Ted Baker Janise Iphone Cover, Ted Baker, £29 (Available Online Now)
6 - Skulls and Roses Print Leggings, Topshop, £20 (Available Online Now)
7 - Animal Onesie, Next, £28 (Available Online Now)

As I'm sure you've noticed the two Ted Baker items are matching. Not that the iphone case and make up bag will ever really be in contact, but I just love the print. I have a Ted Baker make up bag now and it's a beaut, but I'm definitely in need of an upgrade. I think it's a little pricey for what it is but hoping that it will come as a set in Boots in the run up to Christmas and I'll grab myself a bargain. As for the iphone case, I'm keeping my eye out on eBay, cus I just need it in my life!

Ugg boots are a must for me for winter. We've got a student shop in at our local shopping centre with 20% off at Office so these babys will be with me very shortly. I hate spending so much money on one item but I will literally live in them until April next year so they are well worth the expense. Much too cosy to miss out on, although not the most fashionable of items, they are just the pinnacle of all comfort!

Now I only saw this Topshop jacket 5 hours ago and I have literally not stopped thinking about it since. Despite already having a leather jacket, this is a much needed addition to my wardrobe. The crop cut is really flattering, and means, unlike most full length leather jackets it actually looks good done up. Plus the fur collar makes it all the more lovely and cosy and wintery. I want it. And with Topshop offering 20% student discount the next 2 days I can't afford not to. Can I.

Only recently have I decided that I do actually like collars. And these add on ones are just awesome. I have seen so many girls wearing them at uni with just plain strap tops and they look brilliant. I love them. So simple and easy to throw on and dress something up. Done. Easy.

These leggings are so different and crazy and out there, which is exactly the reason why I want them. I kind of think that I should stick to wearing these with just a plain white top, but I will get my hands on a denim shirt and throw it together and hope for the best. It will happen. I'm sure it will be one of my WIWTW posts in the next couple of weeks.

And last but not least, this probably shouldn't be on my wish list as I have just bought it, but I've been wanting a onesie for ages. And now I've moved into a student house, where we are trying to save as much money on bills as possible, therefore not using the heating - a onesie has now become a necessity. This one is the cosiest material, and has ears, and is just ace. Yay.

So there we go, that's what my student loan is going to go on, and the reason I will spend the entirety of November and December living off pate on toast. A brilliant idea if I do say so myself...


  1. I love the topshop jacket, and I can't live ith out my ugg boots in winter! X

  2. I've been thinking about it all night, and I really think I just need to get it to be honest. It will be a worthwhile investment! xxx

  3. Love topshop jacket , trousers and necklace there all gorgeous! xx

  4. Yes I definitely have purchased the jacket today. Trying to be good, but I'm sure all the other items will be in my grasp in not too long. xxx