Friday, 30 November 2012

Christmas Wish List...

So it's almost December and my brain is going crazy with all the beautiful things that I wish I could have, although if I'm honest several of the things I would love are a bit more of a dream than a wish. Winter fashion is incredible, and their are certain accessories which never go out of style which need to be in my life! I'm sure looking through many other blogs you've picked up enough ideas to fill your Christmas lists for the next 10 years, but here are 4 of my favourites...

From Top Left to Bottom Right:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch - ASOS, £279 (Available Here)
Super Push Up Bra - H&M, £7.99 (Available Here and In-Store)
Armani Diamonds - The Perfume Shop, £36.50 for 30ml (Available Here)
Studded Heels - Zara, £79.99 (SOLD OUT ONLINE, Available In-Store)

The Marc by Marc Jacobs watch is definitely one of the aforementioned dream items. I adore my Michael Kors watch, and I'd love one of a similar style but different colour. The black and gold combination would make it to accessorise with every single item of clothing I own, which is always ideal. I just love it, I'm not sure what else to say. When it comes to watches, bigger is better - and the fact is pretty definitely helps. Yummy. Come to Mamma.

I did a post on the new H&M lingerie a couple of days ago (see here) and this was by far my favourite set. Now it's not expensive at all, so is a complete contrast to all the other items on this wish list, but after filling a basket of £81 worth of underwear on the H&M site, I thought it probably best to put some on my Christmas list - £80 on underwear would be a little excessive. I'm not even entirely sure I have that much money in my account right now. But anyway, this underwear set is just beautiful, push up which is definitely a necessity for me and my not so well endowed boobs, and it's just so pretty. Lacey but not to the extent that it will show through my clothes, and a very easy colour to wear. There's nothing worse than finding a beautiful bra but it being in such a garish colour that shows through all your clothes. This one is just perfect!

For every birthday and every Christmas my Nan is the one who provides me with my make up, and more importantly perfume stash. I used to ask for a different one on every occassion, but now I alternate between the above Armani Diamonds, and Diesel Loverdose. I adore them both, but Diamonds is a little less strong so is perfect for everyday wear. The only issue with that is that it needs to be reapplied a couple of times during the day so I do get through a fair amount - good old Nan saving the day.

And lastly, I think these are possibly the most beautiful pair of shoes I have ever seen in my life. Ever. Studs are literally my favourite embellishment in clothing and shoes right now - I have a HUGE amount already in my wardrobe so another pair would be a welcome addition. I do not own one single pair of open toed shoes in this style so of course I have to give them a go. I also love that the studs continue around the ankle strap, it just makes them look even more fierce, and dangerous. But fashion is pain right...


  1. That Marc Jacobs watch and those Zara heels are to die for xx