Sunday, 11 November 2012

Poppies for Remembrance Day...

So it's Remembrance Sunday and I thought what else is more appropriate to wear than a dress covered with poppies! I like to take today seriously, watch the parade on the TV and go down to my local church for the remembrance service. The priest at my church said this in her sermon and I absolutely love it, so thought I'd share it with you all:

"So we have come today to this place to hear the words and keep the silence, to see the standards carried forward by young people who by the grace of God, have never known a time when this country was mobilised for war. May you never know it, and may you remember those of your age around the world who do not have the privilege of such ignorance"

One of my friends is in Afghanistan in the moment and I cannot even begin to imagine what that is like, but I feel ridiculously proud of everyone out there - despite the fact I hate the idea of anyone I care about being in such a place.

But anyway before I go off on a complete tangent, hope you're all having a good day doing whatever you're doing and enjoy  the post...

Dress -Topshop
Belt - Matalan
Boots - eBay, £10.16 (Available Now)

I adore this dress, just easy to shove on and can be dressed up or down. It is a bit unshapely though so has to be pulled in with a waist belt. As you can see this one is completely worn to bits and I really need to replace it, but it's so difficult to find another one in this colour!

I only posted about these boots a couple of days ago, but I think they look pretty awesome with a dress. They do them in grey too which I think would look pretty nice with some dresses I've got - and they are a bargain! 

If you're wondering why the hell I've added a picture of me in my Santa hat, it's because me and my two sisters have been shooting pictures for our Christmas card today - nice and prepared for once, so I thought I'd chuck it in. 

What are you all wearing today? Have you done anything for Remembrance Sunday? 


  1. Oh I love this dress and I love how day appropriate you've made it! You look lovely : )


    1. Thank you :) It's cute isn't it, definitely need to be throwing tights in the mix now though. xxx

  2. This post is such an amazing idea! I love your dress :)


  3. I love your hair color!

    1. Awh thank you, it's very hard to keep up though, it fades very quickly! xxx

  4. Hey Lou, what a beautiful and sensitive post you have written here, the dress looks great too :} x