Thursday, 29 November 2012

Sexy Shapewear...Really!?!...

So my H&M magazine dropped through the postbox this morning, and I was very pleasantly surprised. Usually I wander into H&M, have a little look, and then get bored of rummaging around and give up. So seeing it all laid out in the magazine was much more refreshing. The christmas jumpers and all the sparkling knitwear is really lovely, but what caught my eye was all the gorgeous lingerie. Particularly the fact that it was ultra sexy, but also very flattering, and nice and cheap! I don't usually bother with matching underwear, I kinda think unless someone is going to see it then what is the point. Although after looking at these I'm starting to re think that. Have a look for yourselves...

This is by far my favourite set! The fact that H&M have made shapewear underwear that looks this good is incredible! The colours are lovely, and the lace makes it mega sexy! The suspender cords detach to make it wearable for everyday, or keep them attached if you're more of a dress up kinda girl. Under £15 for the set is an amazing bargain, that's less than you'd pay for just a bra in La Senza and they definitely don't look like cheapy undies. I want!

I'm not entirely sure how wearable these will be under fitted clothing - but they're definitely well suited to the Christmas party season! In fact they aren't far from the outfits that some girls seem to think fitting to go out in at the moment! Under a little party dress these would be perfect, and they'd definitely add a little bit of sparkle to the bedroom. Too cute. Though like I say, I'm not sure how much wear you'd get out of them in the everyday.

I love a good coloured underwear set, and this is just lovely! Lace is always a safe but sexy option to go for when picking underwear, and it never fails. The colour is beautiful, and the shape of the shorts is very flattering on the figure but ultra sexy at the same time. I'm not quite sure I would love as god damn incredible as the model above, but I definitely want this set in my underwear draw!

Again - shapewear gets sexy! I bet we never thought we'd see the day that control pants could actually look good! I'm not a huge fan of leopard print, sometimes it can just look a bit too garish, but I think the fact that it has been styled up with just a plain black bra rather than a leopard print one, keeps it at a good look. I think these would be perfect under the bodycon dresses that I love so much, especially around the Christmas season when food is in full flow, these certainly would be a sensible purchase. 

And my last collaboration - I've said it before and I'll say it again, you can't go wrong with a bit of sparkle. Now in my case this bra certainly wouldn't do a lot for me, but it's just so cute I think I want it anyway. Lacey french knickers are a big favourite as they are just very comfortable as well as the fact that they look pretty damn good!

H&M have certainly transformed my thoughts of matching underwear this season and I plan to snap up a few of these sets. What are your favourites?


  1. The silver sequin set is incredible!
    Wow H&M have done amazing with this :)

    Rae xx

  2. I love the sequin set! Agreed on how difficult they might be to wear under clothing though!
    All really pretty!

  3. Everything is so pretty! I saw the sparkly set in the catalogue the other day, and it's amazing! I agree that it's probably not much more than some girls wear! haha xx

  4. So glad you've done this post as I know what I'm in search for next time I shop! x