Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Tie Dye Bodycon...

I have been absolutely mad bogged under with my uni work today so today's post is very quick and straight to the point. I literally have made myself bed bound to get this essay done so my WIWT post comes in the form of my outfit from when I went out on Monday night. And I apologise for the poor picture quality, my iphone camera has really been playing up recently it's driving me mad! But anyway, hope everyone else is getting on ok with their uni work, and not stressing out too much! Have a cup of tea and a little blog break and everything will seem much much better...

Dress - Topshop
Clutch Bag - Primark, £8 (Available In-Store Now)
Shoes - New Look

I'm so picky about clothes having to fit me perfectly. Anything that is oversized has to be pulled in with a waist belt, I can't stand wearing anything that makes me look any bigger than I am. So that is why bodycon dresses are absolutely perfect for me! I spotted this dress a while back on the 'Last Chance to Buy' rack in Topshop and I had to have it. It was a little on the small side when I bought it but I still squeezed myself in, though now I've lost a fair bit of weight it looks so so much better. I have ruched it up a little so it's a bit shorter for a night out, but because I am quite small it comes to a couple of inches above the knee when it's straight out so looks quite cool as a more midi dress. I will experiment that shortly. 

I needed a clutch bag that had gold in, as literally every other one just has silver elements - though I have so little silver jewellery so god knows why that is! Primark bags are the best option for me as I only end up dropping them and scuffing them so cheaper is better. Plus they seem to be doing really nice bags in there as of recent - exact copies of Topshop have been cropping up recently for 1/5th of the price, and that is always good!

And lastly the shoes. I bought these in my first year at uni I think, and I've barely worn them since - after wearing them on Monday I have no idea why. They are so unbelievably comfortable! But due to recent fashions I've been wearing wedges and my JC lookalikes. I love the colour of these shoes (teal, the picture DOES NOT do them justice), and with the grey and white tie dye it just injects a little bit of colour.

Sorry that it's so quick, and I don't really have a good range of pictures but there you have it. What have you girls been wearing recently on nights out? Is bodycon your thing or are you much more of a skater dress girl? I'd love to hear your thoughts...

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