Monday, 10 December 2012

Missguided Goodies...

So as I currently have no money to my name, now is obviously going to be the time that I find a million and one things that I want/need in my life! My christmas list is the length of Oxford Street right now and in no danger of ending anytime soon - good luck with that, but there is just so many beautiful things out at the moment I really can't help myself!

Missguided has got incredible recently. I used to shop there all the time and a few months ago it went downhill, but it seems to be bringing it back with some absolutely ace bits right now. So straight to the point here are the best bits available right now - I can promise you, you will not be leaving their site without a few things in your basket...

From Top Left to Bottom Right:

Tartan, fur, and leather are three of the biggest trends this season and this coat somehow manages to combine all three without going over the top. I absolutely adore it, and it looks lovely and cosy for these winter days and with some nice black ankle boots - hello beaut.

I BLOODY ADORE THIS OUTFIT. If I had seen this metallic skirt on it's own I'd have no idea how to style it up really as it is such a bold piece, but just with this plain black high neck top it looks incredible. Keeping it simple with plain black shoes and a plain top really leaves the skirt to speak for itself, and it certainly shouts fashionable volumes here!

I love cosy knits so so much just to throw on with a plain top and my uggs to keep nice and warm in this horrendous weather. Though now I shove my leather jacket on over everything I'm not so much of a fan of cardigans that are too short or too long so this would be perfect. Plus burgundy is literally my favourite colour at the moment, so much so it has made me contemplate dying my hair back to brown so I can wear a burgundy dress. Not quite made the jump yet though. 

The leather pocket top is just simple and will look absolutely brilliant with my disco pants, or jeans, or shorts, or leggings, or just anything to be honest. Cheap and cheerful, enough said.

So yeh, burgundy again, standard. And studs. Standard. Just a pretty standard, Louise favourite item of clothing. I adore shorts, I could not care less that it is perfect weather for eskimos, on a night out the shorts will appear, and these must be the next ones to show themselves out around town. 

Midi dresses and midi skirts are at the height of fashion at the moment, and the more fitted the better. Dogtooth has been in for so long, and doesn't show any sign of disappearing anytime soon. I think this is lush. (excuse my word lush but i've used ace and beaut too many times recently) - but either way I want it. Ideal for nights out, but easily adapted to wear in the day. Yes please.

I showed a spike necklace in my kukee post (here) and expressed my love for them, so a triple tiered one has got to be triple as incredible yes? Well it's a tenner, and it's going to have to be ordered as it is just going to make so many of my more plain and subtle outfits a million times better. 

I've been looking for a pair of boots that have a nice chunky heel but not to small. I hate those boots that just have a tiny little platform on, though they must be comfortable to walk in as I plan to wear them every single day for the rest of my life. Obviously they have to have studs incorporated somewhere, cus lets face it, it's me and studs are a must. The tassle is also incredibly cute. Under £35 not too shabby, I'm thinking I may have to sweet talk Mum for an extra Christmas present. Here's hoping you're reading Momma...

And finally the white peplum top. I may already have too, but I've got a bit of a thing for white clothing at the moment. Despite the fact that they remain white for about the first half an hour of wearing it out, then it tends to get covered in drink and the wearing off of my nice pink hair dye, nevertheless white just looks lovely. The lace back is also something a little bit sexy. Serious at the front, sexy at the back. Always good.

Enjoy spending your money girls...

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