Monday, 17 December 2012

Nailing It...

I seem to have the complete inability to be able to grow my nails to any kind of remotely feminine length whatsoever. I suppose I am to blame. After years of biting them, not much can be expected - false nails are the way forward. Usually I tend to stick with the plain french manicure tips, though if I'm feeling a wee bit like treating myself I'll get some glitter tip bad boys sorted. It can all begin to get a little bit expensive if you get too carried away with all the pretty patterns and designs available.

Nail art is getting absolutely crazy right now. Just look on any social media site and there's hundreds of girls uploading pictures of their first attempt nail art, new polishes and inventive adornments. It used to be such a salon required thing to get your nails done, but it is so accessible right now that almost anyone can get that salon look at home. If I had any attention span whatsoever I could totally see myself getting addicted to this. Though if I'm honest with you I stick a bit of clear polish on my nails, because the mess that my left hand creates on my right doesn't show up - that's about as inventive as I get. But for those who are just incredible, here are my favourites. Enjoy...

I'm not entirely sure if the tetris nails are practical in any way, shape, or form, but they still look absolutely incredible!!! You can't be a good old bit of sparkle, and embellishment - I've got so many ideas for my Christmas nails I don't even know where to begin. Shame I'm a waitress and will no doubt snap them off before Christmas day even arrives. 

So what do you think? Are you more a french manicure kinda girl, or do you like to go full out, embellishment galore? Coloured or plain? Glittery or matte? 


  1. im a massive fan of any kind of manicure - plain and crazy! Great photos too :) x

  2. oh wow these are all stunning! I am exactly the same as you, I have bitten my nails for years and now they wont grow :( so i stick to falsies as well, the ones i get are only £4 from boots!

    Love your blog, could you please have a quick look at mine?


  3. LOVING the nail porn haha. I wish I was talented enough to do stuff like this!

    Great Blog :)
    Kirsty-Anne x x
    5feet10 Modelling & Beauty Blog