Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A Make Up Must Have...

BB creams are one of those things that I've been feeling that I should try for quite a while now, as magazines, bloggers, stores, everyone are saying how amazing they are and how good they are for your skin! I have quite sensitive skin so I tend to stick to the same brands; Elizabeth Arden for when I'm feeling flush, and Rimmel when I'm not. 

The issue I have about BB creams, are the same as the issue I have with tinted moisturiser - coverage. I don't really have much a problem with breakouts (touch wood), but my skin is rather patchy in terms of tone. I find it very difficult to get an exact match foundation as I have a much more pinky pigmentation than a lot of brands offer, so either foundations appears white or orange upon my skin. Therefore, I like to get foundation; as close a match as possible, to be as full a coverage as it can be. I like it to skim over my pores, cover all the patchy tones and make my skin looks flawless. The only problem with this is that the thick foundation that covers such skin, then tends to cause irritation. So after months of deliberation, I've decided to treat my skin to a bit of pampering.

After much research I settled on The Body Shop BB cream. It is available in 3 different shades; light, medium, and dark. As I am borderline albino the light was my one and only choice. The Body Shop states that the product offers light to medium coverage, an even finish, no clogging, 24 hour hydration, and adapts to the individuals skin tone. So here I am to test it out.

The product comes out of the tube as a white cream, and when rubbed into the skin the pigment filled capsules burst to release different skin toned colours depending on your chosen shade. I apply mine just with the tips of my fingers as I have never got on with using a foundation brush, although many reviews of this product have said how much of an even finish can be achieved with a brush, so either way works well.

As you can see, the colour matches exactly to my skin tone, just with a bit more of a healthy glow. Unfortunately I haven't got a picture of it on my face as I only received it yesterday and I was mad busy and today have come down with a horrendous flu type illness so even the best foundation in the world would not make that a picture to share! 

So although I cannot show you, I can tell you how much I have fallen in love with this product, it does exactly what it claims to - well, I cannot very it's 24 hour hydration as I did take it off before bed, but certainly after 15 hours of wear my skin was soft, definitely not dried, and still as well covered as when I first applied it. The coverage is actually brilliant. I never would go for a light to medium coverage usually, but this covers a lot better than I could have anticipated and leaves a really natural look. For a little extra coverage for nights out I will just apply a bit of powder on top - sorted!

And there we have it, my new must have in my make up bag! Available online here, and in stores - give it a try yourself, it's definitely perfect day wear if you want something light and natural. Have any of you tried this BB cream, or have you found any others that you simply cannot live without?

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