Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Dogtooth and Fur...

So it currently sounds like if I leave my front door I might actually be in danger of blowing away. I can deal with the cold, and possibly the rain, but the wind is not my friend and I am not impressed. Hence the state of my hair because I just do not see the point in making any effort with it whatsoever as it will get ruined the second I leave the confines of my house. So for a trip into uni I've dressed for comfort and warmth yet slightly more fashionable than jeans and a hoody. I'm still in that first month of term where I'm trying to make an effort to look relatively good, I am on a fashion course after all. I LOVE this outfit, I definitely shall be wearing it more often...

White Oversized Vest Top - Topshop
Spiked Earrings - Kukee
Peace Sign Hand Harness - Kukee

This white oversized vest is one of my favourite basic tops, it's thin and easy to throw on over a bandeau and wear with literally everything. These are ideal to tuck into anything high waisted which are my go to items, so I'm so gutted that Topshop have stopped selling them. You could wear them without a bandeau as they are not completely see through, but they come down much too low for my liking so I play it safe. 

These dogtooth treggings are the best thing I have in my wardrobe right now, I'm so so glad I treated myself to them. They are ridiculously flattering - if rather difficult to get into, but man I love them. I wore them out the other night with a high neck crop top, and then today with a baggy vest top, both looks I love. Despite the bold print, they're actually very versatile. As long as you keep the top half plain it's pretty easy to wear day or night. I can't rave about these enough, the fit of Topshop leggings is always spot on so it was never a question as to whether I'd like them. Though now I want all the prints in this style. Dangerous. 

Fur coat - my staple coat. When I first bought it I was a bit apprehensive about wearing it because I just thought it looked a little too much for everyday wear, however I've totally got over that now and literally wear it every single day. It is so warm and cosy, and just looks ace. Everyone loves a good fur coat so I need say no more.

Kukee is now my go to for jewellery. It is so reasonably priced and has some really unique items. These spiked earrings I wear almost everyday, they are so subtle but bang on trend right now. I have a fair few hand harnesses from Topshop but I never seem to be able to find any silver ones so I snapped this one up as soon as I saw it. As I only tend to wear one or two pieces of jewellery along with my watch the I try to go for slightly more bold rings and the like.

And the shoes. Pretty standard pumps. I have a bit of an obsession with the Topshop studded slippers but I literally live in them, and after getting through 3 pairs in the past 4 or 5 months then I was on the search for a cheaper alternative and nabbed these in the Tesco sale. Comfy and cheap, perfect.

Hope you're all having a nice week despite the crappy weather. Half way to the weekend...

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