Thursday, 31 January 2013

Where I Blog...

I've seen a few of these kind of posts around, and Ellie at Style and Starbucks inspired me to do one myself. Though my blogging space isn't half as cute and organised as hers I thought I might as well show you all where these blog posts are brought to you from. 

If I'm honest, most of my blogging is done cosied up in bed, laptop on lap and cup of tea in hand. 

A few of my ELLE collection, this month with the beautiful Mrs B on

Being away from home a lot means I have a ridiculous amount of family photographs dotted around my room.  

So nearly finished my first book since Harry Potter, and the next two lined up.

My hoardings of magazines from over the past couple of years. Now I tend to stick with Company and ELLE - I could sit and read those bad boys for hours!

I'm looking forward to when the weather finally warms up, sitting with the doors wide open, ice tea in hand blogging away. If the day ever comes!

It's not much, but it's my little home and I'm actually surprised how flipping tidy it was when I came to take photographs this morning. Hope you like, and if anyone else has done posts like this send me a link, I enjoy having a nose into other people's lives. Happy Thursday girls, nearly the weekend...


  1. I'm so jealous of those big window doors, how nice will that be in summer! Lovely bedding too :)

    1. It will be lovely with the fresh sea air I hope. It's still a little too nippy at the moment.

      Thank you, it's from Dun Elm - I love duck egg blue and the pale greens at the moment. Cute.