Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Kukee Delights...

So I posted a while ago about how I'd found a jewellery site which I fell a little bit in love with (view here), and after going home and working my little arse off over Christmas, I decided to treat myself to a little hoard. I've mentioned before I'm not a massive jewellery fan, but these pieces are just so cute, I couldn't resist!

Spike Necklace, £5 (NO LONGER ON SALE)

The adorable free gifts I got with my purchases!

See what I mean!?! How bloody cute! I love that they sent me a little gift as well, a lovely little surprise along with everything else which I adore. The spike necklace I've been after for a while, they are so on trend right now but I wanted one a little different to the ones on all the jewellery stands on the high street - and I don't know about you but I haven't seen one like this anywhere else! Rings are my go to accessory, and the best thing about Kukee rings is that they are adjustable, my little chubby fingers can easily wear these bad boys! I was never sure about above knuckle rings, I never really understood the point in them, but I actually really like this one, it's simple and easy to shove on and looks ace with the blue gem ring. Perfect understated everyday combo. 

There is still a big sale on now, and a brilliant offer of 10 items for £10 in a lovely little goody bag. Think of it as one of those Claire's accessories surprise bags that we all loved aged 12 - just with much better quality produce in! Head over to the website and have a look for yourself - you will not be disappointed! 

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