Monday, 7 January 2013

Studs and Monochrome...

So last night was my staff party, and in true Louise style I got rather drunk and pouted in all the pictures so I apologise for the slight mish mash of images. But it was such a good night, having everyone together and having a laugh after the hectic Christmas and New Year we all worked our asses off for!

As for my outfit last night, I went for the smart casual look. I didn't fancy dressing up as I knew we'd be playing games and running around. So trousers and a peplum top with heels was perfect. The white not so much after someone spilt their whole vodka coke on me but hey ho. There you go.

Peplum Top - Boohoo
Watch - D&G
Bracelet - Links of London

The full length picture is from another night as unfortunately I didn't get any last night, but the outfit remains the same. The top I got a while back, in my studs phase, which still hasn't fully left yet. Studs and peplum - two of my favourites so this choice pretty much speaks for itself. It does need pulling in a tiny bit at the waist so I teamed it up with a studded belt. Perfect.

Disco Pants. There's not really a huge amount to say. Comfortable, extremely flattering, I want them in every colour. Just yes. Now the shoes. I adore these shoes. £7 in the tesco sale! I'm extremely tempted to go back and pick up a second pair as I love them so much, and with my track record they'll be ruined after their 3rd outing! Monochrome is becoming huge again so these are bang on, and with a relatively low heel it makes them perfect for daytime wear as well. I feel these are going to become my new favourite! 

I have to have some kind of watch on at all times, otherwise my wrist just feels empty. I'm not one for bangles, they just get on my nerves jangling about everywhere. So this trio is my everyday wear, the Michael Kors is kept for special occasions; and it just so happens that this went perfectly with my outfit. I'm not a huge jewellery person so I tend to keep it to a minimum!

Did any of you guys have staff parties this Christmas? Dressed up or down?


  1. Those shoes were such a bargain and look fabulous

    Eda x

  2. ooh i love those shoes, your outfit looks gorgeous - hope you had a great night :) x