Friday, 18 January 2013

Monochrome Mad...

Monochrome is becoming absolutely massive at the moment. The number of black and white striped shirts that I have seen is just crazy, and I feel the need to find something a little different from the masses. This is one of those trends that is so versatile come day or night, and each piece is so interchangeable with pretty much anything that the pieces you pick up will become staples within your wardrobe. I feel this is a look that isn't going to be disappearing anytime soon. So here are my picks of the best bits around at the moment. Debit cards at the ready girls...

From Top Left to Bottom Right:

The contrast sleeve jacket is pretty much everywhere at the moment, though generally of the khaki/leather form. So this is something a little bit different from the masses yet still absolutely nailing two trends in one. This is so easy to dress up or down, it has a kind of blazer feel about it with the tweed sleeves, yet is casual enough to just shove on with jeans and a tee. Pretty reasonable price too!

I always say how I'm not much of a jewellery person, but as of recent I've been getting so into jewellery, mainly thanks to Kukee. Mainly rings and bracelets, but my box is slowly beginning to brim over and I definitely want this to be an addition. I think it would look brilliant with the high neck tops/dresses that are taking everyone by storm. Bold but understated at the same time, not too brash, so it's right up my street.

I said I wanted to find a monochrome shirt that was not simply black and white striped. As much as I love that look, it is absolutely everywhere. This H&M shirt is so much more my style. I love the abstract pattern, and I think it would look absolutely ace with my black skater skirt, or equally my disco pants for a little day time effort. I want it.

River Island is always my go to for handbags. They are always brilliant quality, and have so many options there is something for everyone. This tote bag is the perfect size for all the masses of crap I feel the need to have in my handbag, and like the whole entirety of the trend it's colours are interchangeable with pretty much everything. Versatility - perfect. 

I love a bit of leather look. And peplum. So the two combined is like my ideal product. I like the little cut out at the neck, just adds something a little different to an otherwise very simple top. In true me style, I would style this up with a thin black waist belt, possible studded, just to cinch me in a bit more and add a bit more depth to the top. But at under £15 it has to be done really, would definitely be silly not to.

I'm STILL keeping my eye out for this Missguided dress to come back into stock in my size, literally waited with baited breath - I need this in my wardrobe! I think that it is just so different, I haven't seen anything like this anywhere at the moment. There are so many panelled monochrome dresses about, but this is just something else. And that is exactly what you need when you are at university vastly populated with women who shop in Topshop! I've been informed it shall be back in stock within 10 days - hurrrrryyyyyy upppppp!

I've got a pair of toe cap shoes almost identical to these which I grabbed at the bargain of £7 in the Tesco sale and I adore them. I'm not usually a fan of pointed heels, but these just look so high end, and with a relatively low heel they are actually very practical (not a word I tend to pay much attention to usually) and comfortable. I wish I bought two pairs as these are going to be worn out fast!

And lastly these leggings. These definitely aren't something that I would normally go for, but something about them just really draws me in. I like that although they are 'leggings' they are that thick material that is almost denim like so can be worn with normal length tops, and also I love the turn ups on the bottom. I've got this image in my head of styling them up with just a baggy white tee, a bold necklace and heeled chelsea boots. Yes please. Chic. 

What are you thinking of the monochrome look? Love it or loathe it? Are there any key pieces that you have your eye on this season?

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