Sunday, 20 January 2013

Pick of the Week...

I always love trying new hair and make up products. I tend to stick to buying all the same brands of make up and haircare and unless gifted or something is on offer I don't tend to move away from those products. Stuck in my ways I suppose. However, after trying a fair few new products recently, what with Christmas gifts and reading lots of new blogs - I've actually found a whole stack of bits and bobs that I don't actually know how I managed  without. The newest of which has become my latest handbag staple product. 

Girlz Only 'Dawn 'til Dusk Dry Shampoo

I have to have dry shampoo in my house at all times. One because often I am just too lazy to wash my hair when it could really do with being washed, and two because I am trying to only wash my hair twice a week now I've got my hair extensions done so this is needed to get me through the last day. 

Now I usually use bastiste. Mainly because it appears to be the biggest selling brand of dry shampoo available and I've never had any issues with it. I have also tried the Lee Stafford dry shampoo when I had brown hair as this was specifically for coloured brown hair, so rather than being white powder it was brown. Perfect for covering roots as well as soaking up excess oil. However, neither of those products match up to this bad boy. 

It is available in three different fragrances, though if I'm honest I only grabbed this one as I liked the colour of the can. But after researching it appears my initial instinct was right as this is up there on the top of the list. When you spray it onto your head it is much less white than the bastiste competitor, once rubbed in there is no trace of it whatsoever - and it doesn't require sitting there patting your head for 10 minutes and still being left with grey residue like some. 

And I kid you not, like just washed hair, but more manageable. I don't know about you girls, but when I wash my hair it's so soft and shiny that it's difficult to get any volume or style. So not only does this product stop my hair looking greasy, it makes it easier to style, full of volume, and leaving it with a lovely citrus smell. I only paid £1.49 for this in Tesco, though I have been informed it is also available for the measly price of £1 in Poundland. You HAVE to try this girls, it will turn your hair care upside down!

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